ntelligent bathroom investment prospects of small series to analyze

with the continuous progress of science and technology, smart home began to appear in people’s lives, to bring a lot of convenience to life. Japan’s toilet lid event also allows intelligent bathroom began to be of concern. Intelligent bathroom in the country quickly opened the visibility, and ushered in a new era of development.

12 8, in 2015 Chinese Home Furnishing brand building materials development forum, HeGII bathroom chairman Xie Weifan, general manager of Wrigley bathroom division Yan Bangping revealed that this year sales of sanitary products to the outside world. HeGII bathroom intelligent bathroom products more than doubled last year, ordinary toilet, faucet products grew by more than 10% over last year. Yan Bangping also revealed that this year Arrow growth at around 10%, an increase of 0.8% lower than in previous years, the rapid growth of smart bathroom sanitary products, the traditional growth is not obvious, the pace of development of electronic business platform is also good. Jomoo kitchen chairman Lin Xiaofa said at the end of November, Jomoo sales of electricity supplier intelligent product sales increased by 430% last year. In the traditional bathroom products market tends to saturation state, intelligent bathroom products become a new impetus for the growth of this year’s bathroom brand.

and different brands of small businesses, a short time is difficult to change according to the market and production of new products to stimulate the vitality of the market. This year a lot of bathroom cabinet business sales can not be reduced, there are a number of companies have revealed to remove some of the exhibition hall, to reduce the cost pressures. Sinoref Lijia President Jia Feng said, there are 10%, 20% or even 30% of the growth rate of building materials dealers every year, but the rent, labor costs accounted for a considerable portion of the profits.

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