Grain and oil wholesale department such a silly B name you dare to take it

said that although many people now take its time in innovation, want more attractive, but this does not mean that name can just take what kind of name, vulgar can be accepted. This is not small, this paper introduced the "silly B grain and oil wholesale department store, I believe many people cannot understand.

is known to all, "silly B" is a foul language. Anyone who has been called "silly B", this person will be anxious. However, in the urban area of Wenzhou Bridge farmers market, a vendor has given his own name of the oil and steel store, silly B Wholesale Department of grain and oil". This is for the Bo eyeball play gimmick? The wholesale department owner explained, his nickname is "silly B", he used to sell vegetables, grain and oil to do business now, this name can let the old customers, old friends know his shop.

3 5, users, Mr. Kim’s microwave through micro-blog released silly B Wholesale Department of grain and oil pictures, immediately caused a hot discussion. A netizen said, this is the history of Wenzhou’s most cattle advertising signs. Is that all right? Dare to wonder again?" "Is this in Bo eyeball? It is an alternative to attract business!" There are users that destructive to the morals of the billboard.

billboards, banners, store signs are landscape, should not use vulgar language." Wenzhou University professor Jin Lixin said, although the speaker swearing joy, listening to it very harsh. "With such words as the name is obviously not too tall." Professor Jin said, take creative names but the real impact of consumers no ground for blame, is the quality of goods and services. Contrary to public order and good customs, chaos burst foul language, the effect may be counterproductive.

owner: actually nickname, want to let old customers know new store. The name of the "silly B Wholesale Department of oil and oil," the shop is located in the 135 floor Bridge farmers market, the shop owner is a middle-aged man. He said, this name is not disgrace, not for Bo eyeball. "Of course, there’s nothing wrong with my head." The shop owner explained, "silly B" is his nickname. "My name is Jiang roots, can be friends, customers do not know my name, everyone called nicknames, including my wife. If you want to say my name in the market, we certainly do not know."

According to the

River, he is from Jiangsu, has been in the farmers market for more than and 10 years of vegetable business. "This nickname is a reason, I sell vegetables cheaper than their peers, and not Quejinshaoliang, who believe me silly, give a nickname." Jiang Liangen said, perhaps because of stupid, vegetable business is very good, fixed customers are more. Although know this is called foul language, but after opening, he felt very warm, that we do not see.

at the beginning of this year, the farmers market move "new home", Jiang roots changed with grain and oil business. "Food is not sold, the customer can not lose ah!" Jiang Liangen said, in order to let old customers, old friends know his new store, a few days ago, he will find

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