How to promote the opening of the beverage shop

drinks shop everywhere, and now more and more people want to open a shop of their own drinks. Now any industry can not be separated from the marketing, there are enough visibility to bring good returns. The same is true of the beverage store, the need to do some promotions occasionally to promote product sales. The following Xiaobian teach you how to do drink shop promotion, I hope to help you.

high pricing, high promotion

in the face of the market, two for a three of a continuous activity, consumers are almost confused mind, it is difficult to seeing what kind of products are cheap. Beverage store promotions, so there are many manufacturers with high price and high fish in troubled water, promotion way to add to the team to buy gifts.

often refurbished promotional items

in the gift issue, we are very clear to choose novel and unique promotional items is the key, however, is often accompanied by the manufacturers to what what, too lazy to purchase their own, or consider the cost, reluctant to invest. Beverage shop promotion, so we often see many brands are in the milk cup or umbrella such promotional items, can not play the role of lure. I feel that the promotion of the selection of the product has a skill is often refurbished tricks.

drinks shop promotion, promotional items in the cost of the problem, the dealer in Shandong has a view: dealers do not haggle over with manufacturers, manufacturers to send, do not give not to send. Open drinks shop, make money is your own, if you earn 4000 yuan a month, as long as you come up with a $1000 to buy some promotional items, the return must be more than 1000 yuan.

change direct price cut for the terminal intercept

Manager Zhang

in Zhejiang said this year, Mengniu in them promotion is very crazy, are the first direct price, from 37 yuan / box (500ml tetra pillow, 12 bags) gradually dropped to 26 yuan / box, however small retail outlets are difficult to control, they adjust their price in space, making many point prices are not unified, market Cuanhuo serious.


above is some methods about beverage store promotion, hope everyone can help play a role, only to choose a good method to join the investment, so that we can better to open their own beverage stores, liquor stores, want to shop business friends, hurry to join it consulting!

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