P2P has become the past what kind of platform to attract financing

for entrepreneurs, the financing problem is a big problem, and by what means to obtain more financing for entrepreneurs is concerned, P2P capital outlet has passed, want to finance entrepreneurs and

will decide on what path to follow?


factors in addition to the influence of the objective environment, lack of the P2P industry itself is also an important factor leading to the increase in the difficulty of financing. First, the gradual formation of the industry structure, increasing pressure on the edge of the platform to survive. Since after the first two years of explosive growth and nearly a year of policy guidance, the P2P industry has basically formed by industry oligopoly, first tier, platform three vertical subdivision pattern, indirect compression of other small and medium-sized platform living space, is likely to lead to these platforms are gradually marginalized, and even be eliminated by the market.

and the corresponding is, who is difficult to obtain more and more grassroots financing platform lack of competitiveness, to catch up the big platform costs are increasingly high, which faced a severe crisis. To sum up, investment policy of financial environment deterioration, frequent cause the industry is facing restructuring, and adverse impact on existing industry pattern of small and medium-sized platform, gave birth to the P2P industry recommended

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