n the sales season when we might break up the whole into parts the convenience of customers

once the shop business is not hot, a lot of shopkeepers are extremely anxious and impatient, sitting in the shop all day until the customer. In fact, if we can take a certain strategy, there will be a large number of customers automatically. In fact, the sales season, social purchasing power decline, consumer demand began to decrease, some pieces of merchandise into the customer may not afford to spend, then we must find a way to break up the whole into parts business unpacking, sales. Why is that so? Due to the decline in sales downturn is also the consumption ability of period, many customers buy most is scattered, so in this period, as the retail businesses do not be afraid of trouble, to reduce the unit sales to attract customers to buy.

once, I was inspired to eat at a restaurant. For example, a fried shredded pork is 10 dollars, and we have to eat a consumer, or he would not only eat fried shredded pork, also want to eat other dishes, but have a more than a few words, he can not eat it, spend a lot of money and a waste of. And what about this restaurant? He can give you personalized customized, you want half, 1/3 copies, one point five copies can be, and the price is also a corresponding decline or rise. Through such initiatives, the merchant fee calculation a little thing, but the business is very prosperous, many consumers are attracted here consumption. So as our retail customers can also learn from his practice?

take the instant noodles. For example, in the period of the sales season, the average consumer will into pieces to buy home, but to meet the off-season is not the same, a box of instant noodles are normally more than and 20 bags, although there are many consumers want to buy, but they need not so much, there is two or three together to buy a box, but if no one buying? Youshe shall pay tens of dollars. In this case, if the box or unit as a unit to sell, it will lead to a lot of customers can not buy a piece of time to buy and lose the opportunity to sell.

at the same time, into pieces and selling instant noodles such a defect, that is a case of only one taste, even if consumers have a buy one, but it can not meet the diverse needs of customers, in this case, you should say how to sell? So, I practice, the instant noodles is directly unpacked sales, customers want to buy as much as they want, want to buy several flavors will buy several flavors, and the price of the sale price or in accordance with boxes of sales, not only for customers to save money, but also to meet their individual needs, such sales. Has won a lot of repeat".

now we get home with the kind of loaded garbage bags for, commonly bundled sales, a bundle of 100, the price is not high, about two or three dollars, but sometimes, our customers do not necessarily buy so much, sometimes only need 10, 20 and even 50, then we how businesses.