Portal dilemma content homogenization pending advertising by new media streaming

portal dilemma: content homogenization, pending advertising by new media streaming

TechWeb reported September 14th article / Xia Yu

at the beginning of September, ifeng.com announced layoffs, although the scale is unknown, but according to internal staff revealed that some of the current channel has been opened "false mode", Phoenix and Phoenix digital in and a long period after, went to the long way and will be divided.

another claiming to be the second, but also willing to do the second son of the portal, Sohu also layoffs at the beginning of the year, the scale of thousands.

‘s two layoffs are only the first form of decline, which can be corroborated from the earnings of various companies. Net profit for the second quarter of 2015 was 22 million 500 thousand yuan, down 73.4% from 84 million 500 thousand yuan in the same period of last year. The Sohu from the first quarter of 2014, has been 6 consecutive quarterly losses.

earlier this year, Zhang Zhaoyang chairman of the board of directors of Sohu took the lead to portal reform, and insisted that the portal is not dead, the opposite has very strong vitality, with the spread of SNS, from the media and the new way of advertising, the portal may be reborn.

Sohu portal reform has been carried out for half a year, but the effectiveness of the reform has not been seen. At least two quarters of earnings did not reflect positive results.

recently, there is no lack of "dead portal" argument, the reason is nothing more than the flow rate of PC decreased, receiving information users diversification and so on, but we can also see that the portal is also dealing with the changes of the reading habits, make adjustments in the content, the mobile terminal, and even add new business had not involved, but have to say and these changes are only the original defects of fine-tuning, real change is still far distance.

content highly homogeneous, PGC can become life-saving straw,


portal is defined by more and more people in the industry as traditional media. First, its mode of operation and the traditional media are almost the same, difference is it no layout (period) limit, but the content of the portal business is still around in the hot spot; second, its business model is to sell newspapers and traditional media almost, circulation, selling TV ratings, sold to the portal flow. CPM and CPT. The higher the flow, the easier the location of the page is.

more than 10 years ago, Sina created this "massive and fast" portal model, which has also been emulated by other websites. The disadvantage of this model is that it simply collects information from the United States and multimedia, and it can easily cause the homogenization of content.

in the announced restructuring of the mail, ifeng.com CEO Liu pointed out that other portal ifeng.com transformation in content to differences in the mass rapid said the Sina model, we content to be more interesting, more relaxed, more lively, more functions, service quality, so as to attract the masses 80 after 90 or even 00.


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