What is the ultimate prediction of how profitable websites will be in 2020



editor’s note: the author of this article, Murthy Nukala, is the founder and CEO of Adchemy, and Adchemy is a company that provides advertising technology for many famous brands. In this paper, the author analyzes the trend of online advertising and proposes a win-win solution.

Some time ago I bought a

iPad external keyboard, thought it can only meet the work requirement, it completely changed my way of using mobile devices: now I met with iPad, with the external keyboard, the office with a laptop, when going out with iPhone, my equipment were fragmented into three use. I think the Internet will have this trend in the future.

According to

estimates, in 2020 the number of Internet users will reach 4 billion people, most of them are not only a desktop web browsing, but with the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, smart TV and other equipment, these devices can be used in the Internet, people will like me, on different occasions using different equipment.

, how do webmasters benefit from this trend,


first, let’s take a look at the classification of mobile platforms App by Chris Dixon. He believes that there are four main types of App on mobile platforms:

App, the App that flies the time, is primarily a game of angry birds, plants, zombies, etc. These are the main entertainment values.

• App that provides mobile core functionality, such as cameras, telephones, contacts, text messages, calendars, and so forth.

• everyday App, such as OpenTable to help you book your table, Hipmunk to search for tickets, and Uber to search for "black cabs" nearby. These App have a significant effect on quality of life improvement.

• App that triggers alerts on condition, user defined conditions, and programs that are on time – for example, when you want to buy something down, or when you get home by sending a reminder.

this classification, just in line with my thinking of the 2020 website profit model, the site can be divided into four kinds:

website provides content on its own profit, such as fees, fees and so on video games provided, of course, is also a way to sell advertising, because the website advertisement click rate than Facebook ad click rate is much higher.

– second kinds of website users need the function package, a program or service charges for sale, this kind of website to avoid advertising, the decline of SourceForge is. (see "advertising profit is not the only way out, and explore the core value is kingly way.")

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