SEO became cabbage price 3000 yuan two


introduction: one day, a chat with a SEO student, he said now want to quit, going to work there is another network company of friends, my classmate’s salary in about 3000, when it comes to money, friends said 3000 where we can recruit two people.

I think what SEO was so cheap, 3000 yuan can hire two people, SEO is really so cheap? The above facts maybe is just a part of people would think so, but the SEO around the circle after understanding, found the SEO really is too cheap, like the time too is a lot of. A lot of love called SEO chain management specialist, is the day of posting, this impression is SEO to most people, in fact in the work of SEO, the chain most can only account for fifty percent of the work, and a good SEO to send out the chain is definitely not issued by the "cabbage price".

the author analyzed in detail the reason why SEO became the price of cabbage, as follows:

1., "know" too many people. "Know" SEO too many people, why do you say so, do not believe you look for someone to ask, do you know SEO? "I know, not every day to send a post it", this is nothing strange. These people accounted for the majority, even if a lot of people do SEO, the chain as the main aspect to do, the chain of the times have passed, and now do SEO can not completely rely on the chain. Not engaged in the work of SEO people think they understand SEO, and are engaged in the work of SEO, also said he "understand" SEO, not many people really understand SEO, SEO not only to send several spam posts.

2.seo practitioners turn themselves into a chain machine. A large part of the SEO workers have turned themselves into a chain machine, a large number of daily release of the chain, regardless of whether or not to use, regardless of whether it will be deleted, regardless of whether there is weight. I remember when I started to enter the SEO industry chain is a naked machine, more than 200 a day outside the chain, and the number is increasing, purely in order to complete the task, so they know more slowly after the industry, will know that the chain in essence is not much, but do not become a chain machine.

3. doesn’t pay much attention to seo. Most of the enterprises have to pay no attention to SEO that SEO, just send the chain, so it gives a cabbage price, but this price of cabbage can get what good SEO? 1500 of the price of cabbage can only move to the outside of the chain machine. It should be said, as the chain machine, the number of not. And, 1500 can buy a lot of the chain, than their own special recruit a SEO much stronger. Because the company does not attach importance to SEO, I think SEO is bad, but also slow, the effect is not obvious, it is difficult to predict, so cabbage price on the list. In fact, the cost of SEO is the top of all marketing

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