The development prospect of novel website; three aspects strengthen the literariness of network nove

on the prospects of the novel website, personally think that the development of space is still very large, although the past few days, my demon book site experienced a "catastrophe", an unprecedented server baptism". So I can not deny that the development of the novel website is very fierce, and we can not estimate the profit space during this period, but I’m afraid I can hardly be famous. Throughout the development of the domestic novel, I am convinced that the development of online novel has a bright future.

first: the Internet has a growing influence on society.

1, Internet users are increasing at a rate of about two hundred thousand per day.

2 and online reading quickly replace traditional reading. From the above survey can be seen in the network era today from the traditional to the modern network reading, this network and the novel combination of new literary forms of network novel achievements on people’s increasing influence can not be ignored, online reading quickly replace the traditional reading is the inevitable trend.

secondly: the advantages of the development of network novels

1, the network will be popular in the near future, "Internet users" will become a historical term.

2, after the popularity of the network, network novels for the people, the tentacles can be obtained.

3, the same novel, through the network, you only pay a fraction of the cost.

third, network fiction, there are many places to be perfected

1, the popularity of the network is a prerequisite for the development of network novel

2, network terminal equipment to be improved,

3, who has not been educated in computer science and has been trained to look at paper fiction, rejects

4, the national law needs to regulate the network novel.

once again: network novels from the edge to the mainstream, we must strengthen the literariness.

1, the theme of a healthy online novel

2, rich network novel creation theme

3, diversified creative thoughts and creative methods

As the development of

network novels and other new things, not Everything is going smoothly. growing, is in contradiction, it brings to the novel creation of freedom, tolerance readers also brought garbage and vulgar words.

at this stage, the network novel or purely commercial operation, is aimed at the purchasing power of the reader’s mouth, the operation and development of the novel, the results can be imagined. However, in most online novel readers’ thinking, this is the novel they want, because it brings him the pleasure of reading. No matter what the function and role of the novel, I personally think that entertainment widely is a prerequisite for the survival and development of the novel, the entertainment will be widely read widely, achieve the aesthetic and the role of education in order to better. But literature is easy to understand and adapt to the masses

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