Mou Changqing summary of excellent websites and navigation stations in China

yesterday, a webmaster friend in (recently the most popular webmaster class SNS) give me a message, let me write a summary of the site navigation station. Just 10 days have not written new original article, web site navigation station is just what I am familiar with.

has seen a lot of large and medium-sized websites traffic antecedents statistics, I have paid special attention to the various web sites to visit these sites. Especially in the 51LA I saw the home statistical 39 Health Network, basically because the site navigation on the front page of similar location on the 39 text links, through the statistics of 39 healthy home at once let me know many web site traffic. Before, because of the reasons for the work, but also specifically for the site navigation station carried out promotion, so the status of the domestic site navigation station is fairly well understood.

but I don’t want to talk about today’s Web site navigation promotion means, to share with you now what domestic excellent site navigation station, so we need to do when the site promotion or advertising there is a number in the heart. That is, what site navigation station more popular, more realistic flow. I personally put the site navigation station is divided into 3 categories, the first type of hao123 265 as the representative of the old site navigation station, second categories: 1616, 114LA, TT98 and so on, there are client supported site navigation station. The third category: Baidu web site, Sogou web site navigation for the representative portal class site navigation. Today I will compare these 3 types of representative web sites with you in detail. Also added fourth categories, some features of the site navigation station.

1: veteran site navigation station

is the first category name I have a little far fetched, but also not is what the old site navigation station, I just have no client support, no support portal, but relatively well-known and the flow of the site navigation station on the classification.

has to say that is a well deserved boss, and I’ve seen the traffic flow data from several websites. For example, a web site appears on the home page of the so-called TOP3 site navigation station,,, and so on. Hao123 brings traffic at least 10 times as much as 265 and 9991, or even more. See here, some people may say I’m advertising for hao123, I just speak the facts, I didn’t want to write this article before, but I’m afraid a lot of people say the article is too soft. But done hao123 advertising, read the big site traffic flow of people are clear. Suppose there is TOP1-TOP10 site navigation station in China, the traffic of a hao123 website is definitely more than the sum of TOP2+TOP10. Now, Baidu put hao123 on the home page, and it will also help hao123 traffic

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