Resource type community operation way wash away impetuous let users return stickiness


has been operating resource community for several years, and has accumulated a lot of experience about resource based community operation in the process. The biggest characteristic of the so-called resource-based community is that it relies on its own core resources, and carries out the promotion and development of the website around the resources. The purpose of users in this community tends to be consistent, initially to download and share resources, and to communicate among communities. For webmasters, the resource is an important reason for attracting users, and whether visitors can change to become loyal users, for the long-term development of resource-based communities is essential.

and the community of users has its typical characteristics, is to absorb resources, can be said that the initial motivation is very simple, and many of the visitors are only one, is to obtain the resources provided by the community. However, once the demand has been met, it is easy to leave and look for the next similar goal. If this user is not targeted to train and transform, usually tend to become a one-time traffic.

in view of this situation, in order to resource community can maintain a high popularity, to form a more stable source of traffic, so webmaster will need according to the user’s psychological and behavioral characteristics of the community, to carry out targeted training, so as to gradually wash away early users impetuous mentality and behavior, gradually return to let them on the forum viscous.

1. Understanding user needs and psychology,

visited the community resources users are often in order to find the appropriate resources, or through search engines, visiting or through friends, they visited the site of the purpose is very clear, often can be divided into two types: the first is simply to download to the desired data, when the download is complete if no special community to be able to attract them, they will immediately leave to find a new download target; second in the download resources, also hope to find some like-minded friends have the same background and objectives of professional communication, achieve mutual exchange and learning, which motivated users are more likely to be transformed into high loyalty user groups.


two, according to user psychology, targeted for viscous culture,

in the understanding of the visiting resources community user needs and psychological needs, the next station according to their psychological development countermeasures, using system and strategy various models and methods for their guidance and transformation, gradually remove the impetuous attitude, to enhance stickiness to the community.

1, using the system to guide users to enhance stickiness,

for the community type of site, the system often plays a very critical role in the community’s daily operations and management process plays an indispensable role

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