One of the highly effective design principles that Web designers should follow contrast

for the hotel industry and the federal government for the development of Web Ryan Boudreaux for the four design principles wrote a series of articles in this paper are as follows, first article "Effective design principles for web designers: Contrast" translation, content:

if you accept the formal curriculum design, you may already know, the principle of design, it includes four famous standard concept: contrast (Contrast), repeat (Repetition), alignment (Alignment) and intimate (Proximity). Many people call it PARC or CRAP for short. The four principle of design is the printing industry standard knowledge of design; in fact, there are a few books have been asked for the account (including the design course for non designers) textbooks, such as the Robin Williams third edition of the book "to design you see" (The Non-Designer s Design Book).

this article will focus on the design principle of "contrast", which is related to the color in Web design and how to test the degree of color matching.


from a new point of view, when two or more related elements are displayed in different ways, there will be contrast. The more obvious the difference is, the more obvious the contrast will be. Putting similar elements on the Web page and transforming them into unique entities, parts, or containers is the key to efficient comparisons. The most common way to create contrasting elements is to create different attributes of elements, such as color – which seem to have been the most widely used. Other attributes include size, shape, texture, orientation, position, and motion. But two elements with greater contrast do not necessarily bring an attractive visual experience.

in web pages, the color values of text and layout elements can well reflect contrast". The foreground color that needs to be tested is the text itself, and the background color is any element under the text, whether it’s a picture, a gradient, or a RGB color.

uses color to make contrast,

in Web design, good color contrast is very important, not only for aesthetic value, but also for the accessibility of Web. Some people have visual impairments, or color blindness, and make sure that the color contrast of the site can be adjusted accordingly to increase responsiveness and accessibility. So the color contrast of the test site is a good choice. Here are a few tools that provide the brightness contrast of the page. The contrast is ideal at 4.5:1 or higher, in line with W3C’s WCAG 2 standard.

color contrast detection tool

these tools can help you design >

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