Renren has been defeated by its own veteran social networking site delisting


local time in the morning of June 10th, everyone received the chairman of the company and CEO Chen Yizhou and COO Liu Jian privatization offer. Under the proposal, the two will purchase $4.20 per share for all outstanding shares of the company they have not yet held. Since then, Renren will become a Private Companies, and officially to the delisting road forward.

once the head of "Facebook Chinese" aura listed on the Nasdaq market but the high-profile, from the highest 7 billion dollars fell to $1 billion; once high-profile "not privatisation" Chen Yizhou is now on a privatization agreement formally announced the "self eating foreword", the decline of doubt.

professionals optimistic analysis, choose this privatization delisting is aimed at the domestic A shares the momentum of vigorous development, or to return to A shares, but most industry insiders are not optimistic about the development of self media research professionals Wang Xinxi believes that the industry has been opening, nanzu decline trend.

unclear positioning and originality difference is fatal injury

really left Renren behind, began in the mobile Internet era open. Chen Yizhou has repeatedly said that Renren’s decline is attributed to external competition factors, he had thought that such a WeChat instant messaging as the core gene products, only Tencent can do it.


thin comb can be found, did not miss the mobile Internet era any hot spot — the establishment of glutinous rice nets when group purchase hot; Webpage Game and Mobile Games hot with all games; and the anonymous social workplace social networking has become a hot, graticule, rushing will set up; when micro-blog hot, everybody started the news content attributes; when the rise of WeChat, everyone began to imitate the launch of all private messages……

Wang Xinxi believes that it is these scattered product layout, eventually leading to everyone’s own social platform positioning confusion, users can not find a clear positioning from Renren, leaving inevitable. He said: "when a large user group has to rival platform loss, did not focus on the core business to implement differentiation strategy to save the main business, but the strategic layout is too decentralized desalination main products plough, which in turn has led to a substantial decline of its brand image."

, while the decline of Renren’s brand image is deadly, the social platform without users to produce content will inevitably fall into endless losses and recessions. Many deep users are constantly complaining that everyone lacks originality. "Now open everyone to see new things, the basic color of the same copy from elsewhere, from micro-blog watercress know, etc., originality is very poor, there is no output." One user said. In addition, such as mobile phone user experience is poor, inclusive, small stranger harassment, advertising experience not beautiful reflects has neglected to a certain extent >

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