Two more COO leather line early how do short videos do 1 billion traffic a month

this paper analyzes the Internet short video outbreak era, why two do not do their own app, and focus on content platform, how to get bonus in the era of self media?.


short video – content entrepreneurship new tuyere

a short video, why choose to do two more breakthrough short video, and can be launched in 2014 November, and now two years accumulated so much traffic and users, and quickly get financing. The short video is now the content of the innovation of business, a lot of people in this direction, the first is current, low threshold, fragmentation, easy to spread.

although two is now the largest original short video base, but so far have not App. We are preparing to produce more than five thousand original short videos in 2017, and the new media itself is the best soil for the incubation of short video content. And short video pays great attention to the social and interactive nature of these media, it has a very natural advantage, because it is good at expressing and spreading, very short, you can use fragmented time to watch. Then there are low-cost operating platforms and fans to get.

"public number" era of new media short video operation

1. "go public" era is coming,

now, more and more people in the industry will feel that the public’s bonus period is gradually disappearing, the era of public numbers is coming. Many emerging media from the out, such as today’s headlines, NetEase, video and other seconds shoot, and so on.


from the media operations appeared a new trend, due to the large amount of content to entrepreneurs into this industry, quality content is becoming more and more scarce, a lot of the same vertical elements of the influx of more and more popular, traffic began to disperse, not only limited to the public number, you will find that micro-blog began to pick up again. Also in the area of distributed field of short video and news headlines on the fire to go, in addition to many.

but you need to know what kind of content is suitable for what kind of operation means and methods, because of traffic dispersion, so to start the integration of data, reading number and open rate can not stare at the public, the public number of forwarding and comment on the analysis of data integration and so on, we began to do more dimensions. At the same time for two more such contents of entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in terms of video content, it is not limited to position itself as a media or new media, we prefer to think of myself as a platform to operate the way.

2., two, all the more channel operation strategy

, this is my first time to speak publicly about this. We upgraded the original strategy to "W+T+N+S"



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