Use Jiathis’s range of products to bring traffic to the site

on the Jiathis (Network) you may not be familiar with, is the leading provider of social sharing buttons, most people might not know with the network in addition to providing social sharing buttons also provide what products, the following in graphic form introduces a series of main products and provided by the network, and introduces how to use these products bring traffic to the site.

first, let’s look at where the main products are added to the network, the social sharing button, the social review box, and the social intelligence recommendation tool.

network official on their share button description is like this – through visitors continue to share behavior, enhance the quality of the web site, increase social flow, bring more users!


is mainly due to the current social sharing button provider are Bshare, share, Baidu share and so on, if you want to know more about the different social sharing buttons, please another batch of article "reading the author writing before the analysis of Baidu share code what impact on the search ranking: This article mainly contrasts the different social sharing buttons to illustrate the Baidu share code to search ranking effect.

well, social sharing buttons is through the sharing behavior between people, the valuable information from the website to share social network (SNS), so that more valuable information to the website, bring more users and traffic etc..

After understanding the benefits of the social sharing button,

will use it reasonably to bring traffic to the site. As for their own web page for what style to insert, what color social sharing button, it is necessary according to the specific circumstances.


if the net social sharing buttons in order to meet the needs of the era of information explosion, sharing behavior, between people by making good information more valuable, then add net social comment box – Friends of words between the users and users interact more deep.


on a web page, users or users, or users, and article authors can interact with each other through comments, and each comment is synchronized to the major social networks in real time. So that the information cycle, high rate of exposure, indirectly to the site to bring traffic, bringing users. This is the general description of the company’s products on its website.

pinpoint users: no longer cold user names and mailboxes, and you can see their rich social network information after they are authorized.

more traffic and visitors: through social media optimization (SMO), to bring you the message of friends, increase network traffic, word of mouth marketing more efficient.

quality reviews: the real name messaging system will greatly improve the quality of the reviews.


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