How do choose DC to talk about my feelings

is the first place that I do not vest, nor do I think only propaganda new friends warned to take some detours for which IDC,

wasted less money!What’s the most painful thing about

Adsense? Rank? Snapshot? PR? No traffic? These are important, but not the most painful things. The most painful thing is that the server on your website is out of order and cannot be accessed. This is not an ordinary problem. This means that everything you’ve done before is a waste of time. Server stability is critical to the site. The webmaster wants to be sure. I’ve been having this headache lately. The space sense of visit, ask the customer service said in technology in the processing, said good afternoon, but in the afternoon is still not good, know the morning of the second day is also not good, then I answer the phone, they will not receive QQ information they do not return, is really rubbish to the extreme, also do not want to mention out of which one! Then I couldn’t only find space, all around, and in site everywhere for help did not find a satisfactory. Finally in this forum to see a long business space IDC posts, to see a lot of comments is also good, so I do hold try attitude, I thought nobody service 11 night ah, because I went to several space IDC nobody. But I go to them even after I explained my customer service, the customer service, to help me analyze the type of good price, not to sell their stuff to sell me, so I have to ask all kinds of questions until 1:30 in the evening before I bought the space in there. For their customer service 7*24 gold customer service praise one! Why? There are a few points, 1. in the evening time for your service, 2 have more patience, the attitude is very good for the sake of customers 3.! This is my feeling! Today I finally put them in the website well you can visit my website to see how


but they there are some bad I still want to say, for example, the operation is too complex, if the first time you absolutely do not know how to get, I have to complete customer service with remote assistance, so their background is not good, such as a problem not at any time can be resolved, some to work during the day to solve, and I want to make a name jump, not

, like this: RewriteCond, Host:, ^$

RewriteRule (. *): //$1 [I, RP]

httpWe all know that

domain jump is necessary what! They cannot answer is to hop they talk and others to make decisions after! Hope they can solve this problem! If those problems above are solved I think they still not wrong IDC


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