How to become a qualified web editor

said the network editor, you may think the skill required to do, especially for those who just out of college students, do not worry about this industry, it is necessary to understand the HTML, but also have a word based, have PS, FW and other software, it seems very profound. In fact, when you actually operate and study down, you will find that everything is very simple, not so complicated as imagined, and now I sum up the necessary skills for excellent website editing.

one, text foundation,

is an excellent website editor must have certain writing skills, because often with news and information dealing, so the text still has certain requirements, improve the method is to read more, see more information portal, see what others are using words, how to write news.

two, pseudo original

For the

website editor is a very important skill, maybe you are a science background, maybe your writing is not so good, you may write original articles not so fast, so this time, pseudo original will help you. The website generally have news channels, such as shopping network ( is an editor at least 10 articles every day to update information, if all write their own words, the workload is too large, you can take the rest of the original 1-2 articles, pseudo original form.

pseudo original is originally the title of the article, beginning, end and intermediate paragraph modified to make the search engine that this is an original news, specifically how to do, you can see Baidu encyclopedia, or a very detailed introduction.

three, mapping

When the

editor updates on the site will inevitably encounter picture news, so the editor will use PS or FW mapping software, at least will change the size of the picture, the picture quality, and to fight watermark watermark, these simple operation can be downloaded from the Internet to learn general tutorial, a week will learn.

four, familiar with HTML code

it is essential for good web editors to understand HTML code. Is not required to hand written code, but at least can read and simple modifications, this can take a look at the HTML code and then slowly cramming, familiar with at work. In fact, it’s not very complicated. HTML code is a simple code.

generally have more skills, you can become a qualified editor of the website, but it is not enough to be an excellent website editor, and editor, also need more advanced skills:

one, aggregation and speculation capabilities


belongs to the advanced write text, first of all to rapid polymerization of a variety of useful information on various websites in the industry to find hot spots, and can combine the popular (such as some time ago, the captain of the event).

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