Dai Renguang webmaster friend what websites are you going to make

today and a webmaster about construction about Taobao off site, he said now what Taobao guest website want to do it for a long time, made a career, his words impressed me very deep "to tell the truth I see many of today’s guest website too no highlights the same". In fact, it is so, the current Taobao guest website machine-made, when you start in the Taobao customer market, also do not have what special feeling, with more and more competitive market, will obviously feel the promotion difficult problem, small gains. Today, I talked about it for a long time. For today’s dialogue summary, and I personally for webmaster how to locate the website, talk about some experience.

seeks differentiation to find its niche market,

A few friends

one of my alumni and the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University founded the Xiasha network in college, when they do, from the beginning of the very difficult, no one will take a piece of this market Xiasha, Xiasha is a suburb of Hangzhou, there is a university city and many foreign enterprises. They just started on the market, a home run, to sponsorship, later to survive, to do now is very good, they were advised to expand the market, should not be confined in Xiasha this place, their answer is, in fact, I have not the Xiasha market thoroughly, we at least five years "Xiasha market. Now Xiasha enterprises, businesses do promotion, certainly not looking for Sina, Sohu such a big web site, the first Lenovo will be Xiasha network. This truth tells us not ambitious, in fact, a very small market will bring huge profits to the US, in fact, like Baidu, Sina, what is the most annoying Alibaba of these big companies? How is the own refinement, a concept is now very highly precise marketing, which is a lot of very large sites hard to do. So do their most familiar, and constantly increase their strengths, and their own shortcomings unlimited shrinking, I think this is also the future of long-term personal survival of the webmaster. The same is true of Taobao customers. How do you find products that other people can’t see?. In the past, a friend wrote a letter asking about the idea of setting up a gourmet Taobao station. He wrote some chocolates or other good food. My reply is not to do the site Taobao delicacy, directly do chocolate, because I almost didn’t see who specializes in the promotion of chocolate and chocolate, the market demand is large, the chocolate itself also has a lot of different special meaning, cultural background, brand story. So, a good chocolate site is definitely better than a gourmet site.

, do you want to be a garbage station or a regular station?

neither do dumpster or normal station, will have a better positioning and planning, because garbage station also has become more and more difficult, the search engine technology is becoming more and more popular, more and more waste living space station is small, the garbage station can only earn quick money, even now is not easy to make quick money the. Regular station, you have to have a very good market positioning and business

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