How to find rental housing and rental information

yesterday, I wrote an article entitled "my rental network under the line promotion method," a text, continue to write the rental network today, how to find listings and rental information?. Do rental network, I believe that home owners will certainly say that it is easy to rent a network, it is difficult to find housing. What are the channels for finding listings,


here, I put the house I find the channels to share with you webmaster.

one, through friends, let many friends introduce and help each other. For example, A is my friend, B is A’s friend, B has a house to rent, B will usually know, B know I am engaged in rental network, he will certainly tell me the information. So I will publish C information to my Foshan rental service ( For example, C’s house is rented out on my website, and later, C has a house to rent, will definitely contact me, or C’s other friends have a house, will also think of me. This is similar to the popular search for human flesh on the Internet these days.

two, through the property QQ group information. Recently, I find a lot of friends have worked in the Real Estate Company, they ask them before the company is how to find the availability of information, they told me that when they are working, everyone with a lot of real estate rental housing information, QQ group, someone will immediately release in the QQ group.

three, when you have time to turn down the streets, looking for listings everywhere, find information, contact the landlord to see. And then write down the relevant information, and then sent to your own rental network.

of course, there are other ways and channels I do not know, I hope experienced friends can communicate with me, my QQ is 3716728 smoke wave.

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