nnovation is the key to success

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had a test of putting 6 bees and 6 flies into a glass bottle, then putting Ping Ziping down and letting the bottom of the bottle go toward the window. What happens? We will see the bees keep wanting to find outlet at the bottom of the bottle, until they are exhausted or starved to death: and all the dead flies in less than two minutes, run through the other end of the bottle.

the bees thought that the exit must be in the brightest place, because they kept repeating the logical action. To the bee, glass is a kind of supernatural mystery in nature, they have never encountered this cannot penetrate the atmosphere; and their intelligence is high, the strange barrier is more cannot be accepted and understood.

those nimble flies do not pay attention to the logic of the thing, ignore the attraction of the light completely, fly four times indiscriminately. The results accidentally met with good luck: these simple minded always wise man die where successfully saved. Therefore, fly is able to found the right exit, and therefore obtain freedom and new life.


test to the managers of the enlightenment is: when an organization or a person knows to follow the rules, follow the beaten track, creativity will suffocate. The rules here are the "logic" of bees in the bottle, and the end is death.

so is it true that friends who are standing here are bound by some so-called "Internet rules"? Always hear some of the standing around friends complain, why do I follow your practice is the same, you have collected, I did not; you have a ranking, flow, I did not, your boy is not left a hand? Although it is a joke, but also can be seen from the station to do friends to follow the trend of the serious.

website does not have the same approach, do not think others have successful cases can be used, Baidu algorithm will have more than 300 times a year changes. A friend who likes to cut short sometimes suffers when he follows others. Personally think that the most important thing is to do the station: in accordance with the mentality of information sharing to do. When your station really can bring benefits for others, but also for their own harvest.

so, the webmaster would rather be a fly than a bee. I am not saying that we should ignore the rules completely, but that we should try more and more. Since ancient times, success has always belonged to friends who dare to make innovations.

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