On protracted war the devotion and persistence of grass roots station owners

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if you can set up a plumbing line like a water company, you can have an endless stream of water fee.

just by sitting at the water meter

can continue to bring the income of the call called real assets, there is such assets let you once and for all,.

this is "Poor Dad Rich Dad" described by the concept of assets, many people who do direct selling, MLM people use this concept to convince more people to join the ranks of "assets" builders, you can once and for all.

network offers the possibility of tap water pipeline that, if you build a valuable website, I believe it can bring you water the nature of income, it is because of this, we have many grassroots Internet into the bosom, full of passion, hard work dedication to pay.

When the

04 years I work in the network company, the company itself in the operation of a provincial e-commerce website, at the time of this website is not much, in the province also on this one, when we tell the customer case often put out the portal "show", many such as N0.1 the title of the crown, feeling quite emboldened, someone should maintain and update the website, the website said the prospect is good.

was profitable idea is very simple, first, membership fees, first, do home advertising. To achieve such a way of profit is based on the premise of the site has considerable visibility and clicks, but also to bring some benefits to members. For more than a year of promotion with the two prerequisites and not much progress, the boss may at that time and could not see the value outlook now this kind of website, in the cultivation of experienced more than a year into unproductive period, this website gradually in the weight of his eyes is very low. Direct performance is a week sometimes didn’t have this web of things.

is like a kite. It’s flying high and far away. It looks so small and fuzzy. I don’t even feel it’s colorful. Since then, no more nutrition has been added to this website. Gradually, we have less time to go to this website. A piece of land without tillage, of course, the shortage, no man. Now the station is still there.

believe that tens of thousands of grassroots webmaster, most of the beginning of the site when they have a good blueprint for the future revenue of the site is full of expectations, which gave the webmaster passion and motivation. If a site after a year or two years of hard work, if there is no expected effect, I do not know how many webmaster can be like the beginning of passion and motivation,


I think the operation of the website is a process of time accumulation, especially the station of grass root stationmaster. Because there is not a lot of money to operate, can only rely on long-term efforts, accumulation, in order to bring together popularity. Therefore, the grass roots stand should be a long-term investment project to see, and investment is your time and energy. Be used to the days when there is no popularity and no income. Grassroots stations are usually part-time to do network >

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