Talking about the profit mentality of local gateway network through case

Hello, to meet with you again, I am Longquan net webmaster: Sichuan brother several times, and we talk about the local portal website operation ideas and grassroots promotion ideas, today we talk about profit under local portal ideas (after all the ultimate goal we do is to make a profit, I and some webmaster exchange, found that some owners do not know how the site is profitable, so I wrote this article in order to attract, because each local portal nets) open channel is not the same, so there is a difference in profit, today to my website for everyone to analyze:

analytics website: Longquan net

open channel: life information channel, real estate channel, recruit job channels, group purchase activities, online shopping channels, business reputation city channel, focusing on Longquan channel, community channel

first I suggest in the early development of the site, don’t try to make money for the website, the popularity of flow is very important, no popularity and traffic you how to earn even if you temporarily fool to businesses, but not in the long run, we have to look farther, one step a footprint, initially proposed the content well, promotion to quickly occupy the market share, with a large number of registered members and the flow of people, even without money?? so I suggest that if the company strength is not strong, early in life, real estate information channels, recruit job seekers, the community several sections as key to do so that a few well, then to do online shopping, group purchase, city business reputation, that we have those profit analysis:

one, website ad rental,

this, I think everyone is more clear, the site’s advertising rental is one of the site’s important profit points.

two, property channels (intermediary companies or Ji Ji settled)

this piece is also a good profit point, and now large, medium and small cities are more intermediaries, competition is fierce, they want to have more than one publicity platform

three, group buying activities


group purchase website is unusually hot, the group purchase activities can give site bring large profits, profits can and local real estate developers, building materials Home Furnishing organized in cooperation, profit can be provided kickbacks or business layer, service charge,

four, the city online shopping

The early

is mainly for local businesses to launch their products in the above, to the later website big reputation reputation up, can go to your website to find some brand goods posted up, direct product, the profit is considerable ah

five, word of mouth merchant

This is one of

key profit channel, now is the information age, but at present there are still many companies and stores do not have their own website, then we can go to their promotion, one year intersection cost can have a their own local online shops, which for many businesses are willing to.

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