On the rigid demand of Taobao’s shop operation three


user experience, this is not the rigid demand Taobao store in business activities? From the macro point of view, but that is obviously not hong. But if you change the angle, as the shopkeeper of the shop, this user experience can be said to be online operators can not avoid a direct turnover ratio of the natural barrier.

is Taobao store rigid demand Hong discussed here, the main purpose is to highlight the key part in the Taobao store, the shopkeeper to help avoid detours, make a network of shops to become an entrepreneur or a micro economic organization can really end up eating, relatively secure jobs.

famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo once said such a paragraph: in all known human business activities, industry and commerce is the most cheap. In fact, this assertion is not pejorative, it means that the commodity trading activities of industry and commerce is the most easy to develop, there are places where people gather in, will immediately produce goods business exchange. At the same time, it is the concrete form and medium of exchange of things and things. From the point of view of historical development, e-commerce can be considered as the highest level of trade in the history of human business civilization.

This is

from materialism and clarifies the historical status of electronic commerce as industrial and commercial trade, at the same time, MA in the CCTV dialogue column in a paragraph can be evidence of electronic commerce in modern industrial and commercial retail trade in a strong position, especially in the current commercial pattern China: China business environment is too bad, the proportion of the retail price of similar goods in the cost of rent has greatly exceeded the United States, this is the basis of the rapid development of electronic commerce to market in China.

according to statistics of the Ministry of Commerce Chinese China, the size of the retail network in 1 trillion and 300 billion, in which the Alibaba of Tmall and Taobao will occupy 1 trillion of the market share, the market volume of Tmall and Taobao C shop which has remarkable rigidity allow all doubt. How to make their own shops slowly grew up in rigid demand in the market, that is to say how to do the most basic commodities for online shoppers, and then gradually formed the upgrading of products, and personalized niche, and even customized business services, is one of the compulsory courses for many of the Taobao dispensers.

Shu Hong in the previous article, and Taobao stores a single brush and flow. Due to the length of the space, it is from the concept of the level of some statements, involving the understanding, operation and implementation of the part, will be in the later topic of specific expansion. The same logic of the text, the text is only rigid content must be Taobao stores in the business activities, the expression of the concept level, operation scheme pave the way for work. What I’m talking about here is: user experience.

user experience: a subjective feeling that builds up in the user’s use of the product. A successful retailer of modern retailing, no doubt about it

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