Website construction experience the process of making a chapter whether the funds should be saved

I want to have some knowledge to have little talent and less learning reference website, want to attract more knowledge, what wrong please master Paizhuan!

first of all, a regular website production process is like this,


site planning – sketch (must do) plate fixed plate – site map site for static page program functions – buy a domain name space filling data upload program promotion so far come to an end!

today said the first plate! What is the site that is the end plate? Let those responsible for site planning, through the application of function and planning think, draw a sketch, it is best to use pencil on paper, of course nothing ~ then pen web designer to add some sketches of web page layout knowledge, make a 1:1 the web plate drawing with PS or FW, some people used to do two pages, I love to do! Oh ~ this site, it has been very fast to see good websites like


many people construction sites do not drawing, or take a simple sketch, like building a house, just looking for architects, building the house can be, but early do not know what will be built a house or building; after feel not satisfied here there are not satisfied, let architects to this, the architect can only rely on previous construction experience to change, change the mood began impetuous, or to build a structure built is not allowed, it is easy to dispute with the customer, not the happy ending.

actually, there’s a lack of designer elements. If a designer will start drawing good (web plate), the size of various parts of the feasibility into account (front plate HTML), and after the developer’s approval, go to the architect to do such a completely meet your site will be successfully completed. So here’s the designer whether money can, believe that you have a choice, take the studio, all of the site is through the plate after began making the website, and the contents are considered in design, so that the entire renderings are out of ~

, today’s brother has two suggestions for the website,

recommendation 1:

if you don’t believe in the future of the Internet, just like fashion, a station can serve as a high-level specification of what, it is recommended that you build prefabricated Banlou (website template), or directly to the architect (program), this will save you a lot of money.

recommendation two:

if you are full of information about the future of the Internet, do a complete web site from planning, interface, function, promotion, after-sale, and run it. It is recommended that you do not save every step. In this way, he can bring you more profits, otherwise, it will probably be a waste of publicity funds.

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