On the class QQ site operation experience

in many small owners sites in a special class, that is the QQ site, using QQ, QQ and other words do head space station, to provide some QQ space skin download, some offer is QQ avatar download etc.. This type of site in the Internet, there are many, remember, there was a person who taught QQ space site, do well, the author also made a QQ space about the small station. Is the collection of many funny personality, QQ said, according to the content made a site, now a few months time, this time I also put this site in thinking about how to do better, after all the contents of this single station after all, to provide users with services is also very simple. Today I would like to talk about the operation of such sites, have done a similar site friends, can give me message, communicate with each other.

first: how does the site edit


is the author of the site, the content is more troublesome, impossible to write original content so much, because I could not come up with so many funny QQ space to talk about, or talk about personality QQ. Well, I can only go to collect other people’s QQ space, talk about, I usually see friends QQ space, there are also in the search from Baidu to the funny scripts. Even if it still can not meet the need to talk about these sites, most of the content is so few words, this page is very difficult to be included in Baidu, so I have a lot of content to enrich the site, then use the call data to avoid repetitive pages. The thought of a way to collect QQ space to talk about, is released through QQ group won a lottery qq COINS activities, let more friends to join in, help me think of some personality, offbeat about information. But I will have a chance to win the coins, similar to the task in the pig online publishing.

second: what can websites provide users with


this site is the only profitable advertising, but the amount is too small, the website PV users to stay a short time, resulting in AD click rate is very low, how to increase customer retention time? You have to think about your site is to give users what, for the station of the author, only to provide users with some text information, the user after the love would be copied down, if not love will directly off the page, or just turn off the the station. In addition to providing text information, this site also provides users with what? Maybe you create a gadget, generate some nice words about, or let visitors go to the online submission, if adopted to give some bonus points, points can be exchanged for the East West, of course, the need to invest some of the cost. But it does add a bit of interactivity, and it also attracts users to your station.

third: how to promote the most direct and effective

In addition to doing the SEO optimization, the other promotion methods of

website should also be >

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