Thinking about the whole style and creative design of the website

The overall style and creative design of

websites are the most difficult for webmasters to master and the most difficult to master. It is difficult to have no fixed program to follow and imitate. Give you a theme, no two people can design exactly the same web site. When we say: ", this site is very cool, very personality! ", then, what makes you feel cool? What is the difference between it and the average website? This article tries to explain in the most concise language:

What is the

1. style and how to build a website style?

2. what is creativity and how to produce ideas?

style (style) is abstract. Refers to the overall image of the site to visitors comprehensive feelings.

the "image" including the site CI (logo, colors, fonts, banners), layout, browsing, interactive, text, tone, content value, meaning of existence, honor and so on many factors site. For example: we think NetEase is approachable, Disney is lively, and IBM is professional and serious. These are the different feelings that websites leave for people.


style is unique and is different from other sites. Or color, or technology, or interaction, so that visitors can clearly identify what is unique to your site. For example, the NetEase wallpaper station’s unique framework, even if you only see one of the pages, you can tell which is the website.


style is human. Through the site’s appearance, content, text, communication, you can sum up a site’s personality, emotions. Is the courtly and gentle, is the persistent passion, is a lively and changeable, is uninhibited. Like the poetry of "bold and unconstrained faction" and "gentle and graceful faction", you can use the character of people to compare the site.

The difference between the

style of the website and website is the common website you can see just piled together, you can only use the rational to describe the feelings, such as the size of the information, browsing speed. But after you have browsed the style website, you can have a deeper perceptual knowledge, for example, the site has taste, amiable, is a teacher, is a friend.

looked at the above description, and you might still be vague about what style might be. In fact, the style is one sentence: "different!


how do you build your website style? We can do it in a few steps:

, first, is convinced that style is built on valuable content. A website has no style and content, like a pillow with an embroidered case a bag of grass, like a character arrogant but illiterate person. You must first guarantee the quality and value of the content. This is the most basic, no doubt.

second, you need to figure out exactly what you want your site to impress. From these aspects we can sort out the following ideas:

1., if you use only one sentence to describe you

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