Star class tour King glory how to build a user mechanism to build social system

, the author of this article will look at the product point of view, it is how to build a user mechanism to build social system.

king of glory, a popular Chinese of Mobile Games, from 99 to just go, the user groups covering everyone all groups of order, the author also recently immersed in the glory of the king can not extricate themselves, often encounter pig teammates dish chicken pecking when there is a game of impulse, but it is still the mobile phone remains intact.

as a live eighty million, month water 3 billion of the star class hand tour, in addition to indulge in it, from the product point of view, it is how to build user mechanism to build social system.

the king of glory for nearly a year AppStore trend, both in the overall standings or game list, has been in the leading position, we can see that although there are yin and Yang division, Royal War Star Mobile Games continue to emerge, but the glory of the king still maintained his dominance, the design of social attributes and the system user plays a key role, can be said that the king of glory has become a social platform. The users of social system for the glory of the king of checking and analysis.

, a king of glory

replay system users

1.1 user system

login interface can be found through the game, the glory of the king only supports WeChat or QQ login, such benefits can allow users to enter the game will have a chain of friends on social networking platform, so that users don’t worry in and who play games.

At the same time,

, as a product of the Tencent system, has never lacked the problem of cold start and seed users like other products. Relying on the Department of Tencent’s user relations chain, the king of glory in a line on the access to a large number of users.

1.2 social friend

the author of the king’s glory by WeChat login, in the buddy system, the top row is the social relationship, through here you can see the information and status of your friends.

is a MOBA class to cooperative game, there are acquaintances play will certainly add more fun to the glory of the king so directly to the user in the system of social relations into Tencent, reduce the cost of users looking for a friend.

1.3 game buddy

King glory for the game definition of friends is divided into two kinds, the first for social friends, after the game, the default is added as a game buddy. The other, a friend who makes friends through a user search, a nearby person, or a recent game player, will also become a good friend of his game.

What’s the use of

game buddies? If it doesn’t make sense, then there’s no need for users to add game friends. Here, the king’s glory is well designed

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