Ten key points for a novice to do a station

? One, title title

title title should not be too long,.Title as long as the core keywords described clearly, you can, generally not more than 25 Chinese characters, 50 letters in english. Usually the core of the keyword first appeared, every page of the web site should have the title for the page.

? Two, META tags.


? In addition to the title of the page, many search engines will search for the META tag. This is a descriptive text. Describe the content of the main text of the page, and also include the key words, phrases, etc. used in the sentence. At present, keyword META tags have helped little by rankings, but sometimes META tags are used in paid landing technology.

? Three, bold text,

is usually in the title of the article, but also fill in your keywords. The search engine pays attention to the bold text, thinking it’s an important part of the page. So make sure to write your keyword in the one or two bold text tags. Try to avoid making important pictures in the form of pictures, not to make a picture of the entire front page.

? Four, the text appears keywords.

search engines want to find your keywords in the first paragraph, but don’t fill them with too many keywords. Google probably will be full text every 100 words, 1.5 to 2 keywords, as the best keyword density, can get good rankings. Other places where keywords can be considered can be in the code’s ALT or COMMEET tags. If you can not guarantee the first paragraph of the text appears keywords, you can consider some non rescue measures, such as adding an annotation to the web page and so on.

? Five, navigation design,

? Some people use frameworks in Web authoring, but that’s a serious problem for search engines. Even if the search engine finds your content page, you may miss the key navigation section so you can’t get to another page. The navigation buttons made with JAVA and FLASH look pretty and beautiful, but the search engines can’t find them. The remedy is to use the regular HTML link at the bottom of the page to make a navigation bar to make sure you navigate through each page of the site. You can also make a site map or link to each page. The site map should be linked to all the main pages as possible, and submit the site map page to the search engine separately. Multi use HTML static web pages, although increasing the workload, but you can increase the search engine friendliness, so as to lay a foundation for a good ranking.

? Six, content quality and update frequency

original content of the best, avoid by repeatedly reproduced content. Content independence, and other pages at least 30% different.1000-2000 word, reasonable segmentation. Regular updates, preferably daily

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