Share the next two years to do station experience and experience

has been doing it for a year or two, and has learned a bit in the process of doing Baidu optimization. Today, I will tell you that the novice should do a few things to pay attention to the website, heroes can float.

first, the website needs to select the procedure, moreover the procedure choice has the very big influence to the website, is related to the later website function promotion. I encountered such a problem, because the previous site is to do a happy to share interesting blog, because I have been a person in published articles, so we chose the zblog blog program, but with the development of the website, more and more visitors need happy things to share their articles and met. This is the zblog can not do, of course, if you are familiar with ASP you can modify the program itself, but I’m not familiar with the ASP, so there is no way to provide this function, finally causing the site to replace the program, to search engine very good impression, ranking no, here I recommend the program. A program, very powerful, can meet the needs of most sites, basically you need to upgrade the site later what function words can be realized.

second, site positioning and web keywords. Site positioning means that you want to do what kind of Web site, you do the web site for Internet users what services?. For example, if I want to share a website of life, I can choose interesting websites, interesting news, interesting pictures, interesting messages, funny messages and so on. Here we should pay attention to, if your website choose keywords, if in Baidu included more than ten million words, suggest novice don’t choose, because the novice such key word is difficult to optimize well. In this way, we can choose to include relatively few keywords to optimize. We must pay attention to the point is that, some keywords Baidu included many, optimization, in fact, there are some difficulties, and such keywords have not been searched. I have encountered such a situation, in the choice of keywords, not to Baidu search volume index query every day, so I optimized up to Baidu in second, the first is Baidu promotion, every day to IP one or two, so I was depressed for a long time.

third, web directory structure. The directory structure of the website has great influence on the weight of the content page of the website. In general, the directory structure of our personal website usually has one or two sub directories.

fourth, website optimization. Many people now say that the site keywords and keyword description is not very important, important is the title of the website, but after my experiment, I found that the website keywords and keyword description is very important, I am a keyword optimization in the title of the site there, but there is no keyword description and keywords but, I will be in third days after the addition of in the (due to changed things so snapshot stop for a day), the key to take Baidu fourth.

fifth, outside of the website. Net >

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