Talking about how to find a source shop

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to find suitable for their own business supply is the greatest concern of all online shop entrepreneurs, but also a symbol of online business operations, but also related to online business success, the author’s own experience and experience all online sellers, sort out the following seven purchase source.

1, wholesale market purchase.

this is the most common purchase channels, if your business is clothing store, then you can go around some large wholesale market to purchase services, in the wholesale market purchase need to have strong bargaining power, and strive to be the wholesale price pressure to a minimum, and to establish a good relationship with wholesalers, on the exchange of goods on the issue with the wholesalers that day so as not to dispute.

2, manufacturers supply:

regular manufacturers adequate supply, good attitude, and if long-term cooperation, we can generally get cash for sale. But in general, manufacturers of higher volume, not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough capital reserves, and will not have the risk of pressing goods, or fear of pressing goods, then go to the manufacturers purchase it.

3, big wholesaler:

generally uses Baidu and GOOGLE to find a lot. They are generally supplied directly from manufacturers, and the supply is relatively stable. The problem is that they have already made big orders, and the service can hardly keep up with them. Moreover, they usually have fixed repeat customers, not afraid of no wholesalers. It’s difficult for you to discuss terms with them. Unless you order more and become one of his big clients, you may have special discounts or discounts. And worst of all, their speed of delivery and exchange of goods tend to be inadequate. Order more, delivery slower, but also understandable, as long as we order a little earlier can be resolved. The real problem is exchange. Things you receive are sometimes hard to avoid, especially jewelry. Therefore, in advance to do sufficient communication and consultation.

4, a fledgling wholesaler:

such wholesalers, as just starting, there is no fixed wholesale customers, no visibility. In order to win customers, their smaller batch, the price is generally not higher than, and even some goods will be lower than large wholesalers. You can also talk about terms such as price and replacement, according to your experience in purchasing. It doesn’t matter if they disagree with you, but you may agree, or you can reach a middle agreement. And in order to win repeat customers, their after-sales service is generally better. The problem is that it is a new wholesaler, so we need to know their integrity. You can go to the message board to see other people’s evaluation of them, you can also ask them to issue a letter of credit.

5, pay attention to foreign trade products or OEM products.

is currently outside of surplus products in foreign trade orders outside of many factories or some well-known brand OEM production will have some surplus products, the price is usually very low, usually the normal price of 2-4 fold, this is a "

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