More traffic doesn’t mean you stand well

many friends when I see this title must be very surprised, not to say that flow more sure good, popularity is too much. Advertising is also valuable,


in fact, a site traffic has great stress, the network also has a lot about traffic practice. What soft Wen ah, long tail word, ah, the chain, etc..

traffic is also good and bad points,

Does the

1. traffic portal have anything to do with your website.


, if your site is talking about Changzhou website optimization, but you flow is from a pornographic site to flow, your station is valuable? Meaningful


2 brush flow

At present,

network can brush ALEXA, or the flow of the site (IP), then I tell you the day you brush 1000 flow without you still send a related contents of the day to the high value of the article, SEO also has a lot of traffic, people receiving SEO software, website optimization case, enterprise wide so you can focus on these key words to write articles, are associated with their own site, but also can improve after users come to your site to read on, if you installed BAIDU tools, Google tools, a user came to your station after the stay time and have an impact on your site to read

The horse was 3


              < iframe> start; < /iframe> tell you directly, give up quickly; search engines hate < iframe> use

          do a good job of standing. Content kingly way, ranking is secondary, traffic natural is the best choice that you stand healthy growth,

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