Throw a brick to the entrepreneur today

salary runs CPI, house price is higher than everest. Every day struggling with the small white-collar, relying on the exploited after the poor wages barely support, a word – bitter. As a result, entrepreneurship has become a popular topic today. The classic phrase "Beijing people in New York" is adapted. If you love yourself, start your business, because entrepreneurship is a paradise; if you hate yourself, start your business, because entrepreneurship is hell". Everything is difficult at first. Put that Utopian heaven aside and look for hell.

everyone has an entrepreneurial mind, entrepreneurship is just for two things: fame and profit. For those comrades, entrepreneurship is a preference, a way to become famous, a sense of achievement, and more people entrepreneurship is because of the interests of drivers. Of course, entrepreneurship is not blind, there are goals and methods. How many fell at the beginning of the business, or fell into the middle of the venture, and the starting point for hell has been a lot of people falling down.

actually, I am also an entrepreneur, of course, only minor, not what caused the big waves, just one of many network business in the army and asked the network ( was born. From my own website does not say, now more and more entrepreneurs are confused, the idea project may be very good, the team structure is also very perfect, also don’t lack money, but why so many people fall in the starting point? From my entrepreneurial experience to understand, entrepreneurs are ignored the most important point — why market survey, market survey is one of the most important points, please let me out.

1. entrepreneurs is not an idealist, well before the start of many of the details, but I would like to ask, how many entrepreneurs conducted a market survey at the start of the project? Ignore the market can only be the result of the eyes closed across the river, go one step, no one can guarantee now the market is like, or large, or small, or is a mess? Don’t believe what the macro industry reports, these things we are no longer the small shrimp no sense, for us this kind of entrepreneurs, can do only individual market survey. In many, Shi Yuzhu went to the countryside and aunt uncle who you support me a "smoking survey", of course, they are more expert, we can be a good way, what way? The Internet. Survey tool on the Internet more to go, not easy thing, you to direct volume is not easy? But you can help uncle after all is said and done, the questionnaire address can not be your own people? Have value? Comrades, imagination, blog, forum you are the battlefield ah, but most of the time to send a link to the garbage on and if I have a plug-in, the questionnaire showed that the direct page? This is not the fucking big? So in order to facilitate the search for battlefield breakthrough point, I got a plugin on my website, we have Interest to see, no interest also count

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