Experience on site filing

the day before yesterday to record the sound of rain, lost a lot of user name and password, fill in the address is very detailed, and their name, identity card and so on to prove their data.

After filling out the information,

began to enter the website information, and the trouble came. Fill in the website information, submit the time always said domain name duplication, domain name repeat. I was very depressed, after all the boxes out of something not my name ah, what is not me, and look at the data, people in 03 years when it has not used the domain name, why is this? And that when buying junk space, is in Shanghai for a long time speed, what must be said within 6 days of filing, or delete station. At that time I was anxious, and quickly to the customer service to say good things, let them slowly time, they also deserve fast.

then, I started to call the domain registrar at the time, asked him how to do this, the other very readily threw me a bunch of numbers, told me to call the customer service network…… I was depressed for a long time and still made a phone call.


phone was through, but he couldn’t solve it, saying he had to let the other side cancel his record. Khan, I am very depressed ah, cancellation of the record? How to find each other ah? Think about it, I hung up the phone, and landing Department of the letter site, look at the damn filing information, in the end what is it?. The results saw the other party’s mailbox, quickly began to send mail to each other, a good word, said a few, look at the letter, the feeling of writing is still very profound, it hastened to send.

mail the letters, just waiting for a reply, the results after 20 minutes, but to bounce, depressed, unable to accept letters to each other. What should I do? I’m in a hurry again. My character is an impatient child. Sweat, no way, seek friends everywhere. As a result, ten webmaster friends, eight let me go online to find a record holder, help me for the record.

Khan, no way, I ran to Taobao to find someone for the record. The results encountered a good webmaster, and now I have friends, and his QQ name called bad guy, ha ha, very good people, site Kung Fu is also home, I have any problems, he helped me. Even this Admin5 webmaster network, but also he let me come in to see, in the above learn from.

however, because the domain name repeated this he also met for the first time, do not know how to get, helpless, I had to wait until dawn, it is time to work 9 people call each other, see how to say.

night helpless, chat and webmaster friends did not give up his fart, again landing site. Oh, maybe God bless me. I accidentally pressed the space when I belonged to the domain name. As a result, I submitted it successfully by submitting it. I was feeling a excited ah, immediately rose from the chair and start barking. Then I was not reassured, and then point to see, as a result of the emergence of the same two domain name address. Hey, I didn’t manage so much, I would wear clothes >

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