How does the local tourism website make a reasonable orientation according to the local characterist

local tourism website has been done for three years, but on how to locate the local tourism website, is a friend to a topic chat consulting a long ago, in recent years, I simply to share my experience, is entirely personal views, not professional papers, hope to think about this person have a help.

existing resources

many travel agencies, the business and interpersonal relationship, resources and relationships taking good, and even some relatives in the traditional tourism played for several years, networking is good. Different people, but also different advantages, but mainly divided into several categories: familiar with attractions, familiar with the hotel, familiar with the line, familiar with the fleet, ticket supply, cruise ships, charter flights and so on. Some people are familiar with several, the industry is familiar with their own integration, that is, the advantages of resources.

I met a friend at a meeting. He used to be a tour group, familiar with the advantages of travel agencies and good suppliers in different places. Spent three years in the travel agency, actively apply to the company contracted a department, after three years of development, the team has 16 people is not a small team, mainly to do outbound travel, he is the integration of various resources, such as: go to Japan’s largest supplier, he chose to go to Hainan, he chose the biggest Hainan railway travel agency, of course, in the actual operation, there are a lot of problems, ideas determine, as long as the idea of, is a stumbling block, but the mix is.

local features

is speaking features or specific resources, every place is not the same, for example: Guilin Scenery is famous, a lot of people that love in the online consultation, someone special to do this, is through the online booking tickets and hotel booking for raft bundling, someone is caught this, of course, the specific business can bring much profit, we can make nothing of it, but I think this is his idea of at least.

in Hangzhou, a lot of people to start a business of foreigners, rent a few small house, classical leisure is inside the decoration, then please translate in college students to do a English website, and then went on to do the GG alliance, a friend said normally and the season is full every day. On this humble Inn, profitability is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

I have a friend in Mount Huangshan at the beginning of planning to do the tourism website, I finally chose to analysis Mount Huangshan tickets for the primary key, feel this is a station, is determined using the blog program, the most famous is the Mount Huangshan scenic area in Mount Huangshan, but Mount Huangshan is special, Huangshan City, Mount Huangshan District, Mount Huangshan Mount Huangshan scenic area, the four place many people confused, but a large number of users or search the Mount Huangshan tickets, tickets are also part of the Mount Huangshan scenic area, to carry out the Mount Huangshan tourism using the issue of Mount Huangshan tickets, is a good starting point, and focus fire, to manage and maintain the website.


team makes up


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