Know the brief history of 26000 million user community how product iteration

learning other outstanding community products that will is the first step to form their own best practice and methodology, I believe that this series of excellent analysis, has a certain reference value for the other want to grow up to be a good product manager classmates.

from WeChat, know about such products, feel the most important product should be the rhythm. For product managers, the most difficult thing to do is to let the right things happen one after another.

socializing doesn’t mean community.

Tencent is good at social tools, such as QQ, WeChat, QQ space is more like a separate space, rather than a unified community. Therefore, in the community product learning goals on this matter, I choose 6000w+ registered users, financial D round of knowledge.

I see that the founder of the famous book highly praised the book "life and death in the big city of America". It is about how to plan and build a vibrant city. I’ve just read the book, and I’m impressed by the book about a city that has vitality. There are three key points:

do not strictly according to functional areas planning cities, office and living functional areas cross section, the most popular. CBD no one at night, suburban living in the daytime without people.

the streets as short as possible, creating the intersection between blocks

retains the old city, and lower rents in the old city can accommodate low-income people who provide the basic labor services necessary for urban mobility. Such as breakfast shops, waiters, cleaning and security.

In fact, the

community is very suitable for this city metaphor, watercress community had previously tried a product form the city of Alfa, but ended in failure, the side that can construct a virtual city is not easy, need to reconcile the various forces, which began to grow.

research methods:

Tencent cloud crawling with Python crawler users know about products + + know little housekeeper under all the answers

Tencent cloud crawling with Python crawler topic, know the product improvement under all the essence, answer

interviews with 30 or so people who know more about 10000+ or more, and know how deep they are (mostly met during the salt Club


knows about early employees and current staff interviews.

1. What are the needs of the knowledgeable community users?

creative users, accounting for 5%. Have relevant experience in problem, have certain creative time, can produce high quality content.

social users, accounting for 15%. Good at sporadic expression of their views and opinions, but can not form a systematic output, such as the NetEase review area of this group of particularly talented netizens.

browser users, accounting for 80%. Most of the users belong to this type, not good at writing, too

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