Analysis of B2B new station growth is the first chicken or egg

although today streets and lanes are talking about B2C and O2Q, it seems that we started to forget the B2B. As one of the earliest profitable models in the Internet, as a model of direct service merchants, B2B still has its vitality and the need to be discussed.

, the author in his career, big and small contact, no more than ten B2B website and project, some websites have already my family, female early growth, and some web site is empty, two white, feel the stones across the river. I would like to talk about, if it is a new establishment or establishment of a near future B2B website, in the process of growing up will face those problems. Or how can we promote the growth of new B2B sites?. I sum it up as a puzzle, two dry goods, three abilities.

a confusion: is the chicken or the egg first?

for any B2B website, the chicken is enterprise members and merchants, eggs is traffic and income, traffic can be converted into income, so the two can be basically equivalent. Many B2B webmaster or marketing personnel, when the recommended web services to clients, customers often ask: "you website traffic is so little, I just become a member of my products, brand publicity is limited." So start looking for B2B website traffic, including buy flow as short time and emergency propaganda, and ultimately find that the website mainly browse the crowd or the enterprises in the industry, so to attract more enterprises to become a member. In this way, it falls into the dead circle. Almost all of the new B2B station, will face such a dead cycle. To get out of the dead cycle, two dry goods need to be found.

a dry cargo: unique information

many B2B websites have been asked by their business owners: why should I become a member of your website? Most of the answer is: to be a member of our website, we can have our own shops, publicity companies and products. COME ON, unless you are able to achieve the same brand recognition as Alibaba, it has little attraction for the enterprise. Think of the business treasure, you can use a stack of chemical business card, you can become a listed company, but it is impossible to copy him. I have to treasure business’s website China steel network had understood, what is their unique information? Many steel buyers are very sensitive to changes in steel spot prices, because the purchase amount is large, small changes may make the cost of purchasing a lot of difference. Chinese steel net can hire a large number of personnel, to around mills call every day, through a variety of ways and asked to today’s blandishments, the price of steel, and then released, so that steel buyers will naturally become the users of this website. This is information dry goods. Another B2B website I contacted was the food industry Web site, which attracts a large number of business members because of the large amount of electronic food standards. Food researchers need these standards, and food R & D staff are very important in the enterprise

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