ndividual designers contraband 7 tips for creating awesome GF animations


editor’s note: most of the students like from individual designers to share the experience, because it is over, his skills may be able to solve your problem now, very practical, today for Gif animation, share 7 little-known tips, all private collections, there are problems in this area students look to have the answer you want.


@ one hundred thousand why: in InVision, GIF is not the time to kill things – they play a strong role in the market and education. What is more, we are on the home page is used GIF, rather than code based on cool animation.

actually, people start asking, "what did you do with those GIF?" it’s time to reveal the secret.

in addition, many students are asking if there are any pictures with high definition and small size. Today, by the way, you can send them together: "concentrated essence! From scratch, take you to the latest picture format WEBP",

design GIF

1. secret weapon

, that’s my little secret: all GIF starts with video files. I usually make it in ScreenFlow (www.telestream.net), and we also use it to make product videos. It’s simple enough to learn quickly, with some very useful animation tools built in.

After exporting the animation to a video file, I import the > through the file > the

video frame is used as a layer to import it into the Photoshop.


advanced techniques: if ScreenFlow or After Effects exceeds your budget, you can create your animation in Keynote and export it into video. Yes, there is this option at last.

2. less color = more fun

if you want a stunning GIF, you have to choose colors carefully. Not only does it increase the size of the file, it also allows you to make longer and more complex GIF with less color, and the file can still be relatively small. (for me, 1MB is small.)

on how to choose the most appropriate color, Ali students have a note: "color matching crash, 3 practical methods to help you complete the color matching"

3., if possible, use motion blur

software such as ScreenFlow and After Effects can output video with motion blur effects. Not only does it make your animations look more professional, >

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