Talk about why should the stationmaster learn the spirit of copycat

introduction: when the Shanzhai mobile phones, the Spring Festival Gala, the sketch, the comic dialogue, the Shanzhai, "a hundred pulpit" and the popularity of Shanzhai celebrities, we are undoubtedly the beneficiaries of such groups. Shanzhai mobile phones can satisfy your pursuit of luxury mobile phones. Shanzhai celebrities make you feel like an idol. Even the Shanzhai version of "one hundred pulpit" can make us know more about history and culture. Also today, as a webmaster should also learn to use the spirit of copycat copycat mode, so that the site on the web site operators to restore vitality or complete the dream, the waves no trace to explain how to put into simple copycat websites.

one, imitate website self-discipline, internal strength. Youku potatoes is fire, fire, whether we searched the two key words in Baidu? Did you know them every day to the copycat version of and much IP traffic? As a webmaster, want most is undoubtedly the site of interest and flow, said popular point do site is to make money. When a new thing comes out when you are ready to imitate? You will be how to maintain website content to users even can not distinguish between true and false if the level of ability? The first point, we should look at this thing, this is not meant to turn or the industrial and Commercial Bank of China Merchants Bank edition tomorrow we do, the initial idea is to do good for the users of the site, so that the contents of the practice is very important. For example, since the thunder out of GOVD, you want to do a cottage version of the GOVD,


two, Shanzhai sites also need websites, souls, and brands. I often focus on the search engine, once accidentally entered a copycat version of a certain game website, this is a lot of pop and horse, only the owners more clever use of this point shows the copycat quality content website and brand service. Which not only has a certain game website games and experience the latest graphics, and explain how to use the development of certain free plug-in and online communication forum, this website but users need, I am no exception.

three, how to get inspiration from the cottage spirit?. You are now to be a copycat version of or Or do now very popular online game aion? Do you think now the fire site, do not deliberately imitate and operation, this is a waste of time and money in vain. As a webmaster need inspiration into the website, and this inspiration needs us to study more often, good at observation and mining, not imitate, can portray. Therefore, we call on people to look at the domestic and international political news, learn more about the new affairs in society, communicate with friends around us, learn how to get inspiration, and how to seize the opportunity.

in short, as a webmaster, you should learn the spirit of Shanzhai and apply this bold idea to practice. Stationmaster is often very ideal, very thought, but in practice, we are short of action. Failure is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that we haven’t caught any chance. The above three points is my humble opinion, hope to finish this article not.

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