My two year website growth history

, a 07 year National Day, Bi students after graduation did not work, the open shop in the home of Taobao, this new thing, how can I have less, they get a partnership of more than a month shop, earn more than 100 dollars, too tired to do the shopkeepers are really not easy later, we found that the shop is not open to the ShangCheng Railway Station, ShangCheng Railway Station early forming every night 12 faster to go home, do the ShangCheng Railway Station (at that time very little experience, such as completion of the web site) but found that supply and so on such a problem, this is our thoughts and fantasies, so far……

two, in 08 years, listening to a friend heard three party data 100 yuan can buy 1G space, we have a new plan to be a novel station, looking for the program, do not have two, muddleheaded made novel station, technologies are done, I also left (when however, there are various reasons to leave), and to find a part-time job in the evening, so you can do their own websites at home during the day, toss to three months, one person at home too depressed, no sense of achievement, live muddleheaded, have not want to do the station at the time, find a job and work is not so tired, but also good friends advised me, or to get a job, while working side of this website, there is a fixed income ol~~


three, at home here, too difficult to find a web design work within half a month, I traveled throughout the county, finally found a can also work as a B2B electronic platform, people always lazy, I find a job, and do not want to do some novels stand, every day busy night leisure life, slowly the law of life, a time to see a post accident, do guest earn commissions, hey Taobao station, since that would do, seeing to National Day, just to National Day use vacation time to do more than a year, how to say a little experience, I used a little crooked trick, around 5 pm the next day, hanging on the program, from the Chinese station to see statistics 36IP, third days (Statistics 75IP, the major search engines are not included under the circumstances), here is a detailed description of cows. What is the best way to myself, hehe ~ ~ less than half the time, the site sold 9 pieces of clothing, there is little advertising, oh good ah ~ unfortunately, not every day is Sunday blocked by advertising Ali, after careful consideration was made on the basis of the fashion trend of Net Station Shopping guide, the clothing, fashion collocation, some fashionable topic, two a website today finally forming the market.

;       Web site, thank you for the support of the small station!


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