The new SEO Wangzhuan user experience is the key to success

SEO is more than just keyword optimization

believes that the vast majority of the understanding of SEO only stay in the website keywords optimization, so that their keywords as much as possible in search engines have good rankings. In fact, I understand the SEO not just the site optimization, also should be a kind of service to users, not just blindly through a variety of means to make up the website optimization techniques, more attention should be paid to the user from the perspective of. I’m not just thinking about how much money I can make at this station. I should also think about what kind of convenience I can bring to my customers, and how much better I can serve users. Only to meet the needs of users in certain areas, so that users like satisfaction, can make the site become evergreen.

what type of website does the new candidate do?

I think to do what kind of station, the future direction of how to plan, should start from their own interests. Rather than follow the crowd, see what others do, make a lot of money, and then do it yourself. A child learned Xishan Dongshan mushroom story, see people gathered many mushrooms in Dongshan and I also go, when you go and have There is not much left. is very small, then learn to others and to the Xishan Xishan, and Dongshan is the same. In our technical and creative consciousness can not spell some of the older generation of cattle, why can not we start from their own interests, and only to do what they are interested in can persist in order to do good, do fine.

How to use the new

Taobao and Baidu customer alliance Wangzhuan

is the new railway station, many of which are from Taobao or Baidu union advertising hanging off the start, through the months of learning, have seen a lot of Taobao and Baidu customer alliance forum, there are many owners complain about traffic less and less income, there are a lot of expert income is very considerable. Read some of the low income of the website, many given people the feeling is superfluous, cry up wine and sell vinegar with the content of the website is not in line with the user, and ran to the theme, you don’t hang some relevant ads, users are not interested in click.

as a new station theme, targeted, thematic, and advertising matching is very important, advantages are as follows:

1, improve the user experience User: not so much time around, even if there is the free time if you want to stroll is to go to the news community website, the station instead of wasting time in person, remember the user to you this site has a purpose, dazzling painting snake foot can give a person a kind of boring feeling.

2, improve the conversion rate of

: when the user through a search or other channels to you this station, simply because some kind of information you are interested in the concerns of the user, then the related advertising user will be interested, it is not just improve the conversion rate.

3, brings the website benefit, has the pointed subject, can be more convenient to the user, better service to the user, can bring more benefits to the website

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