What is the operational value behind the overheated WeChat

WeChat has become the focus of attention these days, and the focus of controversy is also focused on WeChat’s product attributes. Because WeChat as a communications based software, its own active users total has reached 300 million, coupled with the high efficiency of information push, WeChat should become the focus of marketing shake Qian Shu. It is precisely this idea that led to the excessive marketing of WeChat platform, Zhang Xiaolong’s rumor also showed from the side of the official dissatisfaction with the development of WeChat at this stage.

in fact, WeChat marketing normalization is a very normal thing, sitting on so many users don’t use them, it is really a bit Bo Tim Tin Mat, but the normal marketing must be based on mature function. In contrast, WeChat’s discovery, communication is the key, surrounded by many of my friends have begun to WeChat as the necessary tools in daily communication, thus reducing the use of SMS and other conventional appliances, or traditional operators will not find WeChat’s troubles everywhere. But at this stage we will clearly see more than an important marketing communication, although this is the most relevant practitioners ideas, basic users but their speculation will affect WeChat, to the long-term development of WeChat adversely. On the current situation, WeChat public platforms have emerged channel overload phenomenon, ordinary users have dissatisfaction with this phenomenon, which is committed to long-term ecological construction of WeChat is obviously not good news, so at this time to reiterate WeChat’s communication value is not only in order to cool down, but also to re position yourself.

said WeChat, we will mention it to the public platform, I personally feel that the interaction and transfer effect of this platform is very good, if it is reasonable use, will not only bring great flow, but also reduce the cost to a certain extent. Millet’s operation has been very successful. WeChat for this model is also quite in favor, because it meets the current stage of WeChat’s development requirements, that is, service. Whether WeChat’s friends or public accounts, the operational value behind it is interactive and contact. The commercial service is not obvious, WeChat is now in the process of the development of WeChat golden laws and precious rules, because of technical factors and commercialization is the two inevitable point, WeChat in today’s rapid development, commercialization once bad treatment will bring devastating blow to the WeChat service. Micro-blog has given WeChat good lesson, I think WeChat team is aware.


attribute but this time too much to that WeChat, WeChat to emphasize the service value rather than the value of marketing, I want to have no real significance, because of the open public platform for users to very few restrictions, mandatory measures and will make the whole platform activity decreased, so from my point of view to think rationally the design guide is far less than that over and over again and is more useful.

I’ve analyzed it myself, and the debate about WeChat has also focused on the antagonism between business and interaction. The average marketer wants to make money from WeChat, and the WeChat team wants to

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