Talk about the experience and promotion of English speaking station

English station about 4 months time, because the original GG policy adjustment in the novel GG income on all of a sudden become a day less than a knife, not what the mood. The thought of doing English station, to tell the truth I English level is not high, university level 4 only 69 points. But anyway. Buy space, on the theme of the station, looking for acquisition program, learn….. These learning himself for a long time, it is a step by step over the station. After the initial set up on the Internet about these promotion methods: 1. web directory

2. Link exchange with other webmasters,

3. Article comments

4. Press releases submitted to

6. Get links to.Org,.Gov, and.Edu.

7. Social bookmarking sites submit, this is the latest technology to get quality links to your site. These days, people like

in social bookmarking

shares their interests. Post your interesting article to such a site that will stimulate your link and give you thousands of

visitors. But it’s not that simple, because you have to write really good articles or news or something interesting to make your article

on the first page of these sites.

8. Forum signature

9. Blog comments

, this shouldn’t say much,

10. Design template

design a template for the blog, is a good way, in the template in advance to do a link to your web site link. Just release the template,

go out and you’ll get lots of links,


11. Provide free stuff,

but because my station is WP, the content is collected, these effects are not very good,.

later to buy a personal version of the locomotive, want to put into the original acquisition, but the idea is too simple, English content on their own and do not understand how to modify how? Ha ha. Later want to approach is to modify the template, the title changed again. I do is a software download station all the title, plus [free Title Download], ha ha, feel the effect can also be


went to a software research station was established in 3 months GG included it 3W, repeated research, finally found the method, is the PAD submission! Many foreign software station can submit software, but PAD is a unified standard. The first is a PAD generator PADGen (you can search) and add your own station in the software information, can add places with their own station, then to search for PAD automatic submission, the basic things of all the money, but there is a padadd 28 station can be submitted once, but only once, then repeated in the Register Table > delete

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