Spam sites survive a lifetime

now, no one has statistics on how many websites a day in China has and how many websites are closed in one day. It’s like a small company in Nanjing, Zhujianglu Road. I don’t know how many people have opened, nor how many of them have gone bankrupt.

‘s first day of life: enthusiastic, extra high: because he saw other people’s websites very successful. How much profit does this site bring to others?. And the industry’s Web site traffic, the PR value, and so on. Look at his heart itch, echocardiography.

survive second days, determination has been down: no matter 37, twenty-one. Domain name and space purchased. Domain name, whether or not to search engine K (because he did not check). There is also room service provider quality of service and the existence of space is punished by search engines. Buy a 1G. Cheap, add up to less than 200 yuan together.

The third day of

‘s survival, site production: site production. It’s site duplication. Now the module program on the Internet has been downloaded a lot. Find a module that he thinks looks good. Download it. (some even program there is no virus and garbled did not check) change with the name LOGO OK.

live for fourth days, add content: simple. Copy a lot of people’s web content or collect other people’s content. In a day, there are tens of thousands of web content on their website. As for your original article, there is no time to write.

survive fifth days, website optimization: what is hot keywords, add what keywords?. Keywords more and better, what is keyword accumulation?. Cannot bother.

survive sixth days, waiting to be included: no things, the site is ready, how to do? Start waiting for Baidu, Google, YAHOO included. One day input site: do not know how many times, did not included. Hurry up,


survive for a month, not included: Baidu, Google or not included, he does not include my site, I will submit your own website. Submitted to Baidu, Google50 times a month. I see you also included not included.

survived for two months, a little Volatility: search engines or not included, traffic a day poor is more than a dozen, may still own click. It’s beginning to shake a little. Begin to doubt yourself. Is not my site selected title is wrong, ah, change title to see. Changed title


survival two months, completely discouraged: search engine is not included, the PR value site traffic no, no, no advertising. Alas, poor domain name fees have not even got up. Bad luck, lose 200 yuan. Forget it or close it.

this is what I have seen a impatient friend to do the website. In fact, his website two months not to shut up. Therefore, 58seo pushes the net to suggest the friend, impatient cannot eat the hot bean curd. Site webmaster is not overnight.

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