Network marketing methods Huajing four micro business maintain long term customers

students, when doing micro business in you, a long time will certainly be more or less long-term customers, so how to maintain the long-term customers? How do marketing methods can maintain the long-term customers, if not good, they will leave you. The author here to share 4 marketing methods to maintain micro business long-term customers.

most of the micro dealers are doing business in the circle of friends, and every penny we earn comes from our friends’ trust in us. So how to effectively maintain the "trust" has become a key business in the micro micro well, taking this circle, how to do business with friends and customers is a micro business under the current form must be thinking.

business with friends, the most important thing is to grasp the sense of propriety, just as the plane took off, the strength to fly. Even if only a little bit can only wander on the runway.

1, communication is the eternal topic of micro business marketing.

when you have a potential customer to join your friends when the first thing to do is not the direct selling your product – this is very rude ignorant practices, but the first to make friends with her, chatting about her topics of interest to try to talk to her friends, leave a good impression in her heart.

don’t think go to this step you can use the product to wanton bombing, is not enough. You have to come up with products in the official before, you still need to do a lot of preparation, such as chat with her some kind of topic, give her some useful skincare knowledge, give her a feeling that you are skin beauty is an expert. In doing so, basic trust has been established.

at this point someone asks: "is that so, I can introduce the product directly to her?"

wrong! More at this time not only the shenglayingzhuai to introduce products to her, otherwise she will feel that you and I pulled a long time calf, just want to let me buy you something! "Once she had such a psychological shadow, everything you do in vain.

so at this time we do, should be temporarily stopped, and then quietly continued product material in your circle of friends. For a long time she can understand, "Oh, originally this person is doing micro business." But at this time, she will feel "this micro agent is different from other people, TA never pestering me, let me buy things, but let me learn a lot of skin care knowledge from TA.". "It looks like this guy is reliable,"

at this point her acceptance of you has been very high. Based on this, she will gradually to your product interest when there is a demand, she may not come will directly consult you, but first you see in the circle of friends of the material, when she has enough knowledge of the product, she will be completely assured. By this time, a long >

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