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 :     as the guests said at this year’s webmaster meeting, the difference between Internet advertising earnings is who will pay for it. In the United States, because many mature e-commerce companies to pay for online advertising, so English advertising revenue is very high, which also led to many domestic individual owners tried to once for the optimization of online advertising English to get higher returns. Then, why is the online advertising revenue low? Because on the one hand, many companies do not recognize the power of Internet advertising, recognizing also tend to invest in large portals and professional websites, and in the field of advertising website alliance, because now the income rate is not very high, so the price is not high, to the webmaster into is scarce.

mail text reads as follows:

      this morning, a friend sent me a link of Ali’s mother, saying that Ali’s mother had already tested on the line. Although I already know that Ali group registered a series of protection Ali XX domain name, or can not help but ask, is this what Ma Yun did?

believes that the modified search code custom keyword delivery, for many of the old owners are not unfamiliar, and there are a lot of people through this mode of earning thousands of dollars, but the receipt of this email, I hurried to the modified search alliance code to take down, will have to apply for a number of.

      Web alliance market space is very large, then a thousand Union, everyone will not live. However, if we do not quickly train a large number of advertisers who pay for the online advertising, the huge market space of the website alliance can only stay at the stage of paper making. If the Alibaba succeeds in payment and credit mechanism

shlf1314 AdSense group

      friend said yes, but Ali group’s own company, the equivalent of Ma Yun’s son. In this way, Alibaba is not for the comedy launched Ali mother, certainly has a strategic intent. Go up and see, the first impression is Ali mom is a web site alliance. Check Ali mother’s DNS, really Alibaba. Surfing the Internet, I found that someone had already commented on Ali’s mother in the blog. However, many people are saying that Ali mother in the League field, but sh419, dry, but shlf1314, do not understand the needs of the webmaster. Think carefully, I found, in fact, Ali’s mother is much more important than a simple site alliance.


today, I received an email from the shlf1314 AdSense group, feeling more like a warning letter, giving me this little webmaster a jab…

on one page, you can place up to 2 shlf1314 search League units. Once the search union code is generated on the AdSense account page, you can no longer change any part of the code, or manually change the layout of the search box. For example, you may not fill a search box or suggest search words with a specific query. In addition, you must not delete the shlf1314 identity from the search box.

      DELL launched an ad for more than $200 in the website alliance this year, causing a sensation. In fact, as long as the product conversion rate is high, and manufacturers approve of online advertising, the price of online advertising is likely to be higher than this. Do not you see, click on one of dozens, hundreds of dollars English advertising is a string of a string. So, I think the biggest significance is not to enter the Ali Mama website alliance, which is feasible in the test Alibaba may pay for many small sites advertising.


, but in the mini station, hit K’s jab


if you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email. We are happy to be of service to you. Thank you for your understanding and support. Wish you all the best,

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