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then, the plot has already begun. They will find a suitable opportunity, cheat you a big, small cheat they feel no fun, big cheat is tens of thousands of fraud. The killing was so powerful that many of my old hands, including me, did not escape being cheated.

another kind, more advanced. It is the use of people’s "confidence crisis" to defraud. This method is difficult to prevent, including many veteran, but also easy to hook. The general crooks are high level sun number or number of fraud. But they are generally cheats, it will read people’s minds, usually small transactions very normal, but when the transaction is very straightforward, and even write sweetness to eat for you, for example, give you some more money, or do not change. Their only purpose is to defraud you of your trust.

platform for financing is to achieve success and win recognition has long service and upgrade their technology, and other network operators believe that construction projects have such an idea: the appropriate time to find a suitable investment business, sell the copyright of the website to get money, or with other related business development funds. To be sure, this idea at least ninety-five percent of the webmaster appeared in the brain. This is understandable.

online too many swindlers, all transactions according to the procedure to go to Taobao, or find a high degree of Trust trading platforms such as A5 and so on, is the best, carefully make the boat million years. In this paper, money126, A5 first.

in fact, many tricks liar, but nothing more than 2 kinds:

in order to obtain financing, whether large platforms or small and medium-sized platforms, are trying to change the direction of innovation. But it’s so great!


for the already deceived brother, in this brother also want to comfort you, cheated sometimes is not a bad thing, it will let you faster mature, grow up.

the current society is essentially a commodity exchange. As long as there are sufficient conditions, it will move closer to the commercial value field. However, there are a lot of questions to consider when choosing to enter the business world. Affected by its industry, the contradiction between the webmaster and investors is very prominent. Have seen a case, a webmaster is so truthfully, we stand tens of millions of users, users of commercial propaganda conversion rate is high, great potential. For investors, is asking: such a high conversion rate, how much profit components of the website? What is the real effective conversion rate data? What are the direction of profitable business site? Site effective value-added services, how to set the

results, the webmaster can not get valid data and cases to prove. This can not blame the webmaster, of course, not the problem of the platform, it can only be said that the financing risk and the development of the platform planning inadequate regulation. This situation, but also the current network project financing the most likely situation, which for investors, the risk is extremely large. This also let many investors see a fact that Internet investment is a bottomless whirlpool, once the choice is like opium, either one, or stop in time. Once hand in hand, the previous loss will be ignored directly. In that case, it would be better not to vote.

In addition to

1: why is the risk of investment in IT networks growing?

2 question: plagiarism and innovation, seize the time will allow the project off doubt,

has not been cheated for brother, whether you are a veteran or novice, please don’t sniff at deceived brothers, that they want to earn and cheap, because the second kinds of fraud is the use of our human weaknesses, a crisis of confidence, must maintain a compassionate heart, because one day, the chance of being cheated it’s you.

ten years ago, the Internet into Chinese, and gradually rise, resulting in the achievement of a part of entrepreneurship, these people would later separate regime of the Internet gangster. Ten years later, the Internet is growing rapidly. The situation of letting a hundred flowers bloom seems like this, and the prospect has entered the spring. Who knows, this beautiful picture, how deep will the bloody truth in the face of the Internet business venture? The inevitable result, either dead or silent, with vigour and vitality; to the unknown; or have already shiguwucun; but really tight encirclement, blaze trail is also a loss of soldiers, since the loss of eight hundred one thousand struggling among. In this case, I believe many people will ask, what is the Internet itself determines the cruel nature, or deliberately create a blurred picture? Therefore, we may wish to unravel the inner link of this opens the fog, full of contradictions body —


, the liar has gone wild again lately. Generally not deceived brothers, who believe that the deceived people are not too greedy, cheap is novice. In fact, many old hands will be deceived. There is a saying is: "often mixed on the Internet, there are a few have not been cheated.".

so, remind brothers, online transactions need to be cautious, whether it is in a good partner, we must always bear in mind the transaction risk, can take formal route transactions according to the transaction process, must not be some means of fraud, confused eyes and features to your judgment. Be careful all the time.

is a use of cheap or want to get rich psychological fraud, this method for beginners have great lethality. Many beginners are gullible because they have too little experience. This scam is easy to prevent, that is, at any time to think of the world there is no free lunch.

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