Chizhou webmaster Jiang Guoqing ten years entrepreneurial process for the younger brother abandoned

just work with study, until July 2005, Jiang Guoqing’s younger brother was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia, that of an ordinary rural family, is simply the heavens! At that time, the whole family’s annual income was less than twenty thousand yuan. Jiang Guoqing also clearly remember the doctor told his brother when the results of the examination, the mother’s helpless crying eyes; at that moment, he was determined to start their own business!

housing problems existed at that time, and in fact, in 1974, the family grew a daughter. Zhu Min found a home, after the collapse of the walls left the old Pavilion, covers an area of 64 square meters, the landlord is not willing to deal with Mr Zhu Min, think he is big and tall, finally Xu Yuqing to buy, the price is 450 yuan.

2006, Jiang Guoqing took the army when the compensation of ten thousand yuan as start-up venture capital. This >

in early 70s, Zhejiang around the beginning of Shedui enterprises emerged, Zhu Min cut in the village has also set up a. Zhu Min has become a technology director because of his "brains".

in the second half of 2000, Jiang Guoqing heard that the opportunity to go to the army, he regardless of the opposition of parents and grandmother, resolutely sign up for the army, after rigorous review, he finally got what he wanted to wear a green uniform. In the army, because of good performance, for three consecutive years was named "outstanding soldiers", enlisted for second years, glorious to join the party.

once "laosanjie" Zhu Min, 1996 founded the WebEx company in the United States, 2000 listed on NASDAQ in March 2007 sold to CISCO for $3 billion 200 million.

for the younger brother abandoned school, temper, and then further study


Zhu Min was born in Zhejiang, Ningbo in 1948. As a map of the impact of the times, in 1969 he went to Ningbo suburb of Dongxiang to jump the queue. "I’m the 67 high school graduate, and my wife Xu Yuqing is the 68."."

he is Jiang Guoqing, founder of Chizhou real estate network, Anhui superior agricultural development Co., Ltd. founder. A native of the rural people, a persistent and some stubborn 80, a just looking for things, ten cattle can not pull back Chizhou young man.

returned to the university entrance exam in 1977, and Zhu Min, whose life had calmed down

the aggregation of everyone’s life makes history.

on entrepreneurship Kushou three years later

Zhu Min has found someone who has been fired by a sewing machine for personal problems, as a technical guide. As for the required copper, Zhu Min has found the copper mine in Gansu. There is not sold there, after a set of nearly, Zhu Min proposed to provide Zhoushan hairtail. Thus, the mine posted a poster: "eat hairtail" to work overtime. Work overtime for Zhu Min on the weekend.

Cerberus founder Zhu Min

1981, Jiang Guoqing was born in Anhui, Chizhou; at that time, all the rural people know, only to study the college entrance examination is the only way out; but Jiang Guoqing has chosen to give up the opportunity to choose high school, occupation technical secondary school. Well, there’s only one purpose – to go to work in the factory after graduation, to make money, and to give the university a chance to give it to the younger brother. Because at that time their family income came from their parents working on the farm and working, and if two children went to college, it would be a great economic pressure for their family in the circumstances.

Zhu Min borrowed 500 yuan, demolition Pavilion sold old materials, sold 500 yuan, with 500 yuan built two houses, one of which sold 500 yuan, this account is calculated, Zhu Minbai got a room, in addition to earn 50 yuan.


, he said, "persistence" is the backbone of his entrepreneurial drive.

the past period, as the founder and chairman of Cerberus, he in the field of venture capital practice and enlightenment.

Zhu Min did not continue that trajectory. He returned to Ningbo in 1976. The reason is, son Zhu Lei is already six years old, Zhu Min hope he has better education opportunity. So he became a construction worker of the Ningbo Machinery Bureau’s construction team.

, that’s when Jiang Guoqing learned to give up and choose,

at the end of 2003, Jiang Guoqing retired back home, and then to is the employment pressure, but they only do painter, don’t continue to work? He can not be reconciled! Period in the army, he has the opportunity to contact the computer, learning was English version of the "Three Musketeers computer software, when he decided to report to strengthen skills training. Course of study to the half, a local media company to recruit school, computer school principals and teachers said ginger thus more appropriate, let him try.

at that time, the position was rooted in the countryside, married and had children. I have been living in the city before, "my ability to do farm work is no better than my peers in the countryside."."

this is the eve of the planned economy breaking ice. One of the most important durable consumer goods at that time was the sewing machine. Zhu Min ran to Shanghai to contract some parts and components processing business. There are two problems, namely, technology and raw materials.

says it’s easy, but real business isn’t that simple,


he was a painter and a decorator; he had been a soldier and had eaten all sorts of hardships; after more than a year of local work, he decided to resign and start his own business. He was 26 years old that year.



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