Finding a co founder is harder than finding a wife and you’ll be able to love each other with your

1. choose the right thing to do the right thing. A lot of people in the group have been asking me, why do I do half a year Taobao customers, there is no other people two months to do more money, in fact, very simple, in the product selection is not good enough to grasp. Generally speaking, Taobao customers do good, mostly choose the relatively high price, and relatively small competition products. In the normal station, the choice of a single product at least 20 yuan, sh419 home competitors less products, it is easier to achieve profitability.

below, I will start with my own experience and share five simple suggestions to help you form and maintain healthy and productive relationships with your co founders.

now Taobao guest Wangzhuan wind overwhelming, various training team like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared in our business. Each tutorial is the most inspiring words "Wangzhuan actually is not difficult, but why we still feel it is difficult to make money online? Simply did not find the right direction. So, Taobao needs a few guest Wangzhuan direction clear what:

4. don’t be partial to superstition software. This is a typical example. Group has a young man, occasionally see a powerful mass software, all work done is to use mass software non-stop mass. Later, the effect can be imagined, sh419 and shlf1314 included more and more unsatisfactory, to flow less and less, and finally can not go on. Tool is auxiliary work, not replace the work of people, used good, is a powerful help, but the use of bad often backfire. Working with software is a good thing, facing the auxiliary role of software, not superstitious software, will do longer.

in the end, Wangzhuan is the right direction and choose the right > unremittingly.

first of all, many venture capitalists and start-ups are more optimistic about the enterprises created by two or more co founders. For example, the well-known start-up incubator Y Combinator made it clear: "taking into account the independent business will be more difficult, so our proposal is still looking for a like-minded co-founder of entrepreneurship."

, the famous American venture capitalists and the Internet godfather, Y Combinator co-founder Paul · Graham Paul Graham once said, the biggest cause of most startups fail, is only a founder.

2. don’t focus on things that aren’t quite necessary. Just contact for Wangzhuan, Wangzhuan looks difficult, many unknown areas need to explore and practice. As a result, many people have been hovering over the question of how to buy space domain names, how to build sites and how to modify templates. I met a lot of new friends in the group. I kept asking how to change the sidebar of WP, how to add websites, statistics and so on. I could see them asking questions even after 1~2 weeks. For the past half month, some experienced people have been able to put a few words on the front page. Time wasted, I haven’t seen the effect yet.

but the question is, how can you ensure high cohesion and high productivity between the founders? How can you avoid inefficiencies and infighting?

although it is possible to succeed independently, investors and other stakeholders are still more inclined to joint ventures. In their view, the skills among your co founders can be fully complementary, enabling the formation of a team of close, strong founding teams.

editor’s note: the author of this article is Josiah Humphrey, and Mark McDonald co founded a mobile application services company called Appster, specifically for non technical origin of the enterprise founder to help.

as for the reason, he is this

secondly, compared with the joint venture of many people, relying solely on their own strength, independent entrepreneurship, will undoubtedly spend more time, need to invest more manpower, material and financial resources. In addition, in the process of success, but also under greater pressure. But if you choose many people to start a joint venture, these situations can be alleviated or even avoided.

but you don’t feel you have the ability to start your own business and you really want to start your own business. Ideally, there should be more people working together to start a business.

3. believe that you can succeed, you must persevere. In the group for more than half a year, I saw a lot of people gave up Taobao customers, because they did not earn money. A common reason for them is that they can not keep going and have given up for some time without giving any results. In depth exchanges and they later, I found that they have a lot of good ideas, always do so will certainly make money, but they are for different reasons, like K station, PR decreased for less than Links and give up, really, if can insist, now would not return philippines. From this I can see that I am sure I will succeed if I believe in my choice and believe in my success.

of course, before I start, I’d like to make a statement about that. That is, not everyone in the beginning of entrepreneurship, must first find like-minded people, start business together. After all, the independent business achieved great success, subversion industry entrepreneurs too much, such as the creation of SpaceX eilon musk, creating Facebook · Mark · Zuckerberg, as well as create light blog site Tumblr David · Karp. The three companies were created by one person at the very beginning.


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