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Zhang Hui, Henan Agricultural University grammar Institute, three students. 08 years, her sister came home from Japan to visit relatives, brought back a lot of cosmetics, can not use it, the original thinking of the disposal of cosmetics on hand, there is a sudden idea of entrepreneurship, so she opened a shop on Taobao.

if we look at Li Xingping, Alfie some successful webmaster, know to make money fast takes time. To be silent in the loneliness, there will always be a day, we will erupt in the silence of the

said the above four points I think fast money is not easy, after all, the theory of space hole! What can not be Jigong radical, as not to earn money, how to make money fast and the fastest way to make money is simple, is the ability to rely on special expertise, not only rely on the accumulation of expertise

first, fumble: learn something, not optical, will find out the meaning of his inside, know how to make money online money project;

face employment increasingly grim reality, Henan Agricultural University actively take various measures to encourage college students and graduates of entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Forum, held a business plan competition and entrepreneurship fund set up 200 thousand, 5-10 support students start the project, given 3 thousand – 20 thousand in venture funding. For college students to create conditions, establish entrepreneurial model. And our school student Zhang Hui is a successful model, and now she shop monthly turnover of nearly 500 thousand yuan, month trading volume, reputation in the Henan market won the first throne. Her successful experience lit the green light for other college students.

"shop easy to keep shop difficult, every day Taobao has nearly 5000 shops open shop, but can do is a very small part of, I began to have also thought to give up."." Zhang Hui said, in the first few months are losing money, but also depressed, but I warned myself to do nothing is easy, others can do well, I can do well, so I stick to it.

sets up venture capital and sets up a typical

, according to Zhang Yongmin, deputy secretary of the party general branch of the school of grammar, said, "Zhang Hui is just one of the typical examples of students’ self employment, and there are also several undergraduate students who have been successful in their own businesses. Some students have built chicken farms, and some students have opened supermarkets…… Next year, the calibration >

familiar with a profitable project is needed for a long time the accumulation of experience, if you only want to get rich overnight, it is not illegal most people would think of robbing a bank, ha ha! can only buy lottery tickets and lottery, but because the probability is too small, but there are still a lot of people involved, isn’t it? We want to be true how to make money quickly this problem, first of all to face up to their own ability, if your ability is outstanding, so in this aspect and may be related to places you will be able to make money fast. On the contrary, if you do not have this experience, must do this aspect of things, how can you make money quickly? So I summed up a few points:



"I insist on doing the real thing, never sell fake goods, the only way to win the love of customer." Zhang Hui said, once the store out of stock, customers can not wait, she from other crown shop bought some products, take back and found that it is fake, she would rather lose money, but also resolutely not to the customer. Due to her honesty and warmhearted attitude, more and more customers are visiting her shop, and her business is becoming more and more prosperous. It is reported that Zhang Hui’s monthly turnover of nearly 500 thousand yuan.

learning: because now you ask this question on your behalf of Wangzhuan experience is not much, does not distinguish between what is to be done, what can not be done to make money online, so the Internet to find the essential learning;

fourth, endeavour: do not just stay on one or a few fixed online money, to find new ways to make money, by oneself want to come up with new online money making model.

third, practice: say no, not practice, should dare to practice, for others to say more feasible online money, to yourself to practice, see oneself have ability to do well;


it is reported that, in order to ensure a reliable supply, her purchase channels only two, one is my sister to send back from Japan, Europe and the United States are from the domestic stock, early she advanced some products, to distinguish between true and false, determined after the purchase.

how to make money fast? If you friends see this title, and open up ", after reading the article, most people would think me is the title of the party, now I whether or not it is the title of the party, but how fast money is not a short duration of time it is only here to tell you how to keep a good mood personally, I believe that in the near future, fast money will happen to you!

the current employment situation of university graduates is becoming increasingly serious. It has become the dream of many college students to change the concept of employment and start their own businesses. Henan Nongda grammar school has such a college girl, Zhang Hui, her last year in the online open a cosmetics shop, after painstaking efforts, has begun to take shape, the monthly turnover has reached nearly 500 thousand yuan, by the Zhengzhou Municipal Communist Youth League awarded the "youth civilization".

excess, cosmetics she venture onto the road

good faith management, win word of mouth, business booming

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