Network renovation work a new profitable occupationLi Xiang my experience and lessons from giving up

below is Li Xiang’s speech at the scene, full text slightly Abridged,:

travel industry

, the first company I founded was called "bubble Web". It was made purely because you liked it, and you made money. But actually my first venture was bumpy. I was working very hard, basically working 13 or 14 hours a day, and everything I wanted to do professionally. At that time, Intel chips in the test, the first sample will be given to us, then made the chip level evaluation reports are dozens of pages, as with an instruction manual.

after graduating from high school, I did not go to college, but chose to start their own businesses.

we do the analysis, then in the field of tourism do best is Ctrip, their biggest characteristic is that the call center of thousands of people, also need a bunch of people at the airport card, we are not good at it, together with him gone, so this was we give up.

2, for the owner’s preferences, appropriate suggestions: those who only pay attention to their appearance, for selling goods, not on the front page of the owner, then ask the shop decoration what? Shop decoration must pay attention to the user experience with goods as beautiful as a supplement. The owner will certainly thank you later, and over time, the potential customers will accumulate more and more!

, when looking for new opportunities, we focus on three areas: real estate, tourism, cars, which of these three areas can we do first,

‘s second venture: looking for the first chance,


to three, is also the most powerful Internet bubble, I began to do my own website, then I just put some ads on the site, a month income will be more than 20000, in contrast, my parents they a combined monthly income of less than two thousand dollars.

I actually started my business at the age of 18, but I actually started making money before I was 18. From the very beginning, I wrote articles about science and technology in various media and magazines, including the very famous magazine "computer world".

‘s first venture: direction is more important than effort,

introduction: Li Xiang, 80 entrepreneurs representative. Founded the bubble network, car home, the current car and home founder and CEO. In 2005, create autohome and lead the car home successfully listed on the New York stock exchange. In July 2015, Li Xiang left the car house and started cars and homes.


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but even so, due to lack of experience and other reasons, by 2004, we can only do third in this industry. I was miserable because we had not only Zhongguancun and the Pacific in front of us, but also the personal computer market, which was near steady, and even began to slide. When the market starts to decline, you will find that your efforts are of no use.

3, in order to save time, it is best to do some decoration templates. Can be sold directly to the Taobao network, save time and effort! If the customer has special needs, customers can provide customized decoration services, of course, the price is not the same.

shop decoration, is the use of a variety of pictures, animation or web design software, the exquisite pictures, intuitive flash animation, personalized background music and other means, the Taobao or pat net platform shop page more attractive, more convenient for customers to browse shopping. The rise of online trading also brings a lot of money to the people. As long as you have a good eye for opportunities, you can win your market in online trading as long as you are good at using your skills. With online shopping more and more popular, more and more people began to run the shop business, of course, a lot of people do a lot of effort in the online business, from the store design to release photos are under a lot of effort, the shops are also in the competition contest. If you want to shop in the decoration of the industry, the following points you can refer to reference,

1, engaged in shop decoration, in addition to understand some pictures, web authoring software, but also creative, with certain network marketing knowledge. For online decoration services, both to consider the individual character of the goods, but also take into account the preferences of the owner.

shop decoration money scene should be good, because now more and more online shop. In addition to the shop, the government departments, enterprises and institutions and personal websites need to be renovated more and more. The Ministry of information industry data show that in 2009, there are 2 million 870 thousand national record of the site, while the current figure, the industry believes that at least 3 million people, with more and more of the web design quality, the decoration of the money scene about network.

real estate line >

after that, I began to think about whether we had the chance to be the first in another field, because no one would want to be the third man all his life, because the experience was so painful.

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